Sitting Bull

Great White Chief Sitting Bull ~ 24.10.13 ~ Eileen Zizecli – Coleman

We come in peace and prosperity for mankind.  It is hard to accept that many on this plateau of existence do not understand the most basic of concepts that Love will conquer over all maladies.  We strive for peace on Earth as we did for our lands long ago.

White Cloud and Sitting Bull draw close ~ Eileen Zizecli – Coleman & Lesley Ball ( We 2 ladies # 5)

Afterwards Eileen explained that the very first time she had been contacted by Sitting Bull in the 90’s he had told her the Battle of Wounded Knee was never meant to be.


Sitting Bull Draws Close Eileen Zizecli – Coleman

3rd August 2016 – SITTING BULL draws close.
I Thank you for this day and the many blessings received with Love so very gratefully. I ask for Love and healing to be sent out to the planet to raise the frequencies of all mankind and I thank you for the time approaching where all will be able to lift their faces to the heavens with Love and Joy.
I have just read Blossom’s message for the 30th July and it has uplifted my sprits from yesterday where I felt tired and flat, I know we must accept these highs and lows as the energies sort themselves out and settle. I’m looking forward to all that will unfold and like Blossom, I pray that it will happen in my life time, that we will meet in this physical realm and be reunited.
I think I can see Sitting Bull in the distance with his long dark plaits and am asking him to come closer! I settled back and then suddenly saw a much younger Indian up really close, looking at me to see if I’m ready.




Out of Chaos

8.8.2016 LIONS GATE

Out of chaos is born a new world and we come now to help you unfold the Love within your hearts, the Love that has always been there.
I’m feeling the higher signature energy of sitting Bull drawing closer.