We come as one voice ~ Eileen Zizecli – Coleman ~book2

‘We Come as One Voice’ contain channellings that provide evidence of a deepening connection with those from other worlds. These beings of Light draw close to assist their counterparts on Earth, Light workers who are here to raise their own frequencies and in turn those of mankind. For me this culminated in ‘White Cloud’ stepping forward to make himself known to me, along with a vision of him in his role as overseer for ‘The Federation of Light’. This prompted a painting which I have used for the cover of this book. Those who come forward often start sentences with ‘We’ as they speak for a whole collective of energies from many different star systems, all coming together to forge an alliance, assisting mankind in their transition to a new dimension of loving grace. As the transmissions became more frequent I took to using my recorder at each session, capturing the flavour and essence of the messages and visions received, enabling the reader to share my experience of blending with those from the higher realms. We are also preparing to channel information accompanied by transfiguration and this process allows the audience to see the communicators vibrating on a different frequency with the chance to ask questions, enabling a discussion of sorts. Some of these communicators have shown themselves to be of extra-terrestrial appearance and in the future they hope we will come to accept them as they truly are – our friends and relations!

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