We come as one voice ~ Eileen Zizecli – Coleman

‘We Come as One Voice’ contain channellings that provide evidence of a deepening connection with those from other worlds. These beings of Light draw close to assist their counterparts on Earth, Light workers who are here to raise their own frequencies and in turn those of mankind. For me this culminated in ‘White Cloud’ stepping … Continue reading We come as one voice ~ Eileen Zizecli – Coleman



Eileen Zizecli - Coleman of Wales

15.10.13 – The powerful number eleven is evident today – 1+5+1+0+1+3=11

eaglesI’m seeing a purple tunnel and this has cleared to reveal a very old Indian with long headdress; he is holding a long staff and banging it on the ground as if to gain my attention.

We bring you a magical pathway to the stars and beyond where all is waiting to bring you into alignment with us, your friends and neighbours. We open the hearts of each one of you, accessing that vital aspect of your being. We attempt to de-clutter your brain and bring you fresh hope of a new world, detoxifying and shedding light on issues that surround you. We have great cause to welcome in a new phase, a phase of enlightenment that shall manifest in the soul of your being, shining light on cloudy issues that surface for recognition. We know this has been…

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We come as one voice


18th September 2018 – THE GOLDEN AGE
We join this session after opening up in the usual manner, filling ourselves with golden Light.

Bring your attention to your heart centre, open your heart like a beautiful golden flower. Enter into this portal of Light and Love, feel the warmth and the Peace. As you go into this portal you see a golden ladder and if you climb up the rungs of this ladder it will lead you into the clouds, beautiful white fluffy clouds. The ladder is strong, supported with your Love, carry on climbing up until you find yourself above the clouds. In the distance you see a beautiful white city with spires gleaming in the sunlight. Take a journey across these clouds, gently stepping from one to the other, your supported, lifted and buoyant upon these clouds. Make your way to this beautiful place of Love and healing…

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We come as one voice

6th September 2018 – KRISHNER and CONFUCIUS

I’m burning frankincense today and its fragrance is drifting around me. I can see a man with dark hair approaching, he is wearing a silvery gold tunic! He reminds me of the British actor Naveen Andrews and when he spoke his voice came through loudly!
It is a time of celebration and an understanding of that very essence of our being that brings you into alignment with us here and now!

We superimpose our thought forms on yours, and take you to task, fulfilling a prophecy given long ago and registered in your thought streams as prophetic and true to the very core of your being. We come to assist the human race, we come to enlighten you as to our whereabouts in your heavens and we come to obey the calling within our hearts that grows ever stronger.

We supplement your energy…

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We come as one voice


4th September 2018 – A TIME FOR QUESTIONS

Our group came together in Love and harmony as I took them on a short meditation.

Visualise that gorgeous golden energy coming down into your crown chakras within the goodwill and kindness of all our guides and those that are coming into our energy field. Bring this golden rain down into your being, see it flooding through your spinal cord and into your physical being, permeating every muscle and every organ of your body, into your heart and lungs, into your bloodstream and into your skeletal frame, especially those areas that need help. See this Light flooding down and out through your feet, sending down those roots into Mother Earth. See the roots spreading out around you, connecting to one another. In the centre of the room there is a tree rising up, your roots join with the tree as it grows…

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We come as one voice


28th August 2018 – STAND AND BE READY
Once again, our group settled down into the golden energies, joining with our cousins, our Family of Light, safely protected in God’s Love.

We ask that you honour yourselves and bring this loving energy around you. Do not be worried about any transcripts, go with the flow, do what you know is best for you to reach that place of ‘Perfect Peace’. There is a knowing within your very soul that this is right for you, do not be dissuaded by others from the pathway you tread, all is well, all is as it should be!

Hold onto that love within your hearts, let it glow, feel the love expanding and growing from your heart centre and out into the universe. We are here waiting for you, do not despair, hold onto that loving frame of existence around you and within you…

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21st August 2018 – A meeting with Sitting Bull and Friends Today is a special occasion, hosted by Cathy Klar, where we opened up our trance session, inviting the public to attend. Our first session was a small group but so very enjoyable and put me at my ease straight away. We cleansed and drummed … Continue reading