19th June 2018 - (Today a family member took his leave from the Earth plane and I sent out a prayer to him and all souls departing)! Great Spirit we ask for Love, Light and healing for those souls who are departing from the Earth plane this day, we ask that they will be led … Continue reading A SHINING ONE APPROACHES



12th June 2018 – Sitting Bull Draws Closer Before this session started, I was lighting the candles and suddenly my picture of a North American lady just shot off a higher shelf and landed on the floor. I have been feeling a bit dizzy and out of sorts, so think this is a sign that … Continue reading SITTING BULL DRAWS CLOSER


We come as one voice


27th March 2018 – BRING BACK THE LIGHT
Our group is made up primarily of healers and two of our members have come up with the idea of taking Reiki/Healing around the countryside at various events in local communities. We have called it ‘The Reiki Roadshow’. There is a small charge of £5.00 to everyone for use of the amenities and the Reiki is given freely. Our friends in the Spirit realms seem very happy with this endeavour and have been helping us. We meet each week in my sanctuary and share in the beautiful energies that come through to talk to us, including those of Sitting Bull who has come forward more strongly in recent months to work alongside me in healing and channelling. It seems Spirit want us to share these meetings with those who are interested in what they have to say. I hope you enjoy what…

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