We come as one voice


22nd March 2018 – I went into my sanctuary to chant some bijas before meditating, but I felt Spirit with me very strongly so sat back to listen to their words that came through in a deeper voice.

There has been much learning expressed in this little room and we give thanks for this! Much has come to fruition, much has been learned and absorbed. Your destinies are entwined. (I was shown stars shining in the heavens).

We come among you to declare our allegiance to the cause, we are of one mind and we deliver to you, for your perusal, a document of great importance, and this shall be given from the heart to be delivered to the hearts of mankind. We raise the banner high and come among you, respecting your wishes to stand in our stead and to march with us in this great commitment to mankind…

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Visitors from the Cosmos

We come as one voice


15th March 2017 Visitors from the Cosmos

There are three of us today, sitting in my sanctuary to give energy for communication.  We started by bringing down the golden light into our crown chakras, flooding our bodies completely with healing, re-energising Light. Sending golden roots into Earth and then back up through the chakras into the cosmos, being rooted to Earth and joined to the cosmos. I then turned on my recorder.

Bring that golden energy back down to your heart centre and send it round the room, joining with our sisters here on the Earth plane and inviting our Star friends to draw that little bit closer. Feel the warmth and energy building between us and once more place that universal flame of Love within the centre of the room to be used for this afternoon’s session. Know the Love and the energy and the connection from your…

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We come as one voice


TRANCE GROUP 13th March 2018
Before we start our sessions we always smudge and cleanse our room and sacred space, using the drum to call to the directions as we ask for love and protection. Each week we go with the flow and this week we felt the urge to sing to Mother Earth. We are blessed to have a friend who uses the tuning forks to clear any negative energy and of late we have also taken to chanting the Bijas, mantras which clear our chakras ready for communication with the higher realms.

We put our roots down into the ground as we salute Mother Earth and thank her for the protection she brings to us. Bring that golden ray of Light down into your being, flood your body and your energy field with this beautiful golden light, cleansing, nurturing and protecting. Let it flood into every atom of…

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We come as one voice


TRANCE GROUP 27th February 2018
After cleansing our bodies with golden light, we sent golden roots from our feet deep into Mother Earth, through the rocks and soil, the fire and water, deep into the heart of Mother Earth. Here we find the ancient ones who come to join us and we reach out and join hands in this beautiful cavern of Light. We see the beautiful blue and white energy of the healing pool and we join with our friends from the higher realms around this pool of Light. Reach up with your minds to those on high, asking them to join you here today. Know that you are connected here to Earth and also to the cosmos, you are multi- dimensional creatures of Light and Love. Look to your heart space and send that Love and healing energy around the circle, visualise a joining of hands and a…

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