27.11.2018 – SEEKERS OF TRUTH and LIGHT I can see the face of Chief Dan George who reminds me of White Cloud. Thank you for joining me my friend, I would like to ask for healing for a friend of ours who is lost and very unhappy at this time! I feel your Love surrounding … Continue reading GUIDANCE



We come as one voice


13th November 2018 – Deliverers of Light and Love!
Our friend called to the directions as we played our drums in preparation for sending out healing to our friend’s sister who is in great need at this time.

Flood yourselves with golden energy, bring the Light down from the cosmos flooding your entire being, pushing your roots down into Mother Earth so that we are connected to the cosmos and to the Earth our home. Feel that circle of Golden Light around you and go into your heart space as if you were the heart of the sun. Feel that glowing radiance around you and within you, see that glowing ball of energy in the centre of the room, scintillating in its beauty. A shaft of energy goes from this ball of Light into our heart centres so we are connected like a golden wheel. See a shaft of white…

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