Before I woke this morning, I dreamt I was being reprogrammed and could actually feel the electric waves of energy moving through me. I was telling someone to think of the Love they had within them that would counteract any negative energies.
Later as I meditated, luxuriating in glorious waves of Love, these words came to me.

I AM and always will be whether I am a drop in the ocean or a leaf upon a tree.
I AM a cloud floating into view . . . I AM a mountain standing strong and true.
I AM a little mouse scurrying by . . . I AM a cat with a roving eye.
I AM a Lion with a mighty roar . . . I Am new life in an apple core.
I Am and always will be part of God’s creation, never ending, expanding and growing, sowing the seeds of Love.
I AM alone . . . in isolation and yet able to tap into that knowledge that wisdom in the core of my being. Expanding and growing, looking out to the sea that is part of me, part of the infinite consciousness that releases me from monotony.
I AM leaping and dancing, swimming upstream, conquering obstacles that are yet unseen.
I feel the joy within me . . . I feel the ocean around me, expanding and growing.
I AM free of encumbrances that hold me back, growing ever onwards to take up the slack.
Expanding and growing all the time even though I’m past my prime. The years go by and now I see the ultimate reality that I AM free . . . free to be me.
I feel like a child again, running free, swimming and splashing in the sun kissed sea.
I AM playing with the dolphins, laughing with glee as we plunge again and again into the deep blue sea.

Oh, Great Creator bring me to your side, let me abide for a while in your warm embrace, sending out Love to the human race.

I can see the beautiful clouds of lilac, floating along a tunnel of golden lattice work.
We have made a special enquiry into your state of health and well-being and it behoves us to tell you that you are in a perfect state of health, brought on by this massive learning curve. We do, however, ask you to be aware of toxins that can poison your mind, substances that shall be avoided at all costs!

Mayan StatueWhat are those substances that I should avoid?
We think you know very well what we mean! We prepare you for entry into our domain and we delve deeper into the substrata of your being to rectify past disturbances and to set you back on your feet. Be prepared for departures from all you have known in the past, ready to begin life anew. We prepare you for this encounter so that we may manage our circuits spontaneously.

I can see a long finger (like ET’s) reaching out to press a button or something.
The following day, during meditation, I asked Sitting Bull to come close and although there were no words I felt his face superimposed on mine for quite some time. I feel there is a lot going on backstage as it were and keep seeing numbers doubling up when I glance at the clock. Today as I switched on my computer the time 13.33 stared back at me; I don’t know quite why but this brought a tear to my eye!


2 thoughts on “I AM

  1. Dearest Eileen, this is magnificent, it simply takes my breathe away. How Blessed you are. And I simply love the words that came to you during your meditation. The waves of energy you speak of, I had a similar experience a few months ago, in which I felt the energy and then my whole body vibrated very strongly twice, leaving me exhausted to the point where I had to go to bed for awhile. And you talk about the double vision. I have been having double vision at times also. Seems as though our experiences are similar. Love Val xx

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