Trance Group 10th October 2017
Once more we joined together in the cavern and sank into the healing waters of the large pool. We joined hands and sang and played as children do.

Feel the Love and the strength of this friendship, it is very special! There is a lot to be learned from one another and your laughter echoes around the cave. Create a scene in your mind that you would like to explore, delve deeper into life’s mysteries. Shall we explore the tunnels or shall we ride on the crest of a wave, it is all up to you! Those higher frequencies are there for you to enjoy and you may also cross the bridge of Light and be lifted into the higher realms. See this glowing bridge across the pool that beautiful blue and white expanse of water, and as you cross to the middle of the bridge a beam of beautiful White Light is there to greet you. Step into this white beam of Light and feel invigorated, strengthened and reborn. Invite your guides and inspires to join you and let them take you higher into the Light to become one with them, to converse and communicate with those loved ones from long ago. They are all here to help you!
(For ten minutes the girls were left to play, allowing the energies to gather momentum).
There is a static energy using this space! Draw that Light around you and be safe in God’s Great Love.

Sitting Bull then came forward. – We wish you a very good afternoon my dears, thank you for coming together! We are sorry to bring you out of your reverie but we hope you have enjoyed this moment or two. It pleases us to be here with you today. We know there is greater scope for the times ahead where we shall draw together more often and in joyous communication. We feel you drawing closer to us and hope you will enjoy this experience also. The days grow long and wearisome upon the Earth plane for many of you, but we come to offer our help and hope for better times to come. This shall manifest sooner than you think and we come with a great entourage, helping you adjust to these energies that at times can be troublesome, and where this one has to watch her step at the best of times!
(This could be a reference to me falling over quite a bit lately).

We bring in the Love and the services of the Great Almighty and tread very carefully, asking you to open those reserves of energy within you that will help us to accomplish this. We are emboldened to ask, and we take great delight in being here with you today my dear, how would you wish us to proceed? A time of questioning perhaps would suffice?
Yes please, shall we start with questions?

Have we whet your appetite? Yes, I think so! Laughter.
Then we shall proceed! Thank you.

Q. Can I start please, by thanking you very much for the healing that you provided at Cathy’s house, it was fantastic and very powerful!

Mmm, we were most honoured to take part in that session! Thank you!

Turning to Julia, our new member. What is it you would like to say?
Can I thank you for allowing me to be here today?

We are most blessed my dear, most blessed indeed, and more will unfold in the fullness of time and we have registered your appeal to come and join us, and here you are, so well done!

Q. Since we met last week I have been drawn to create several sketches and I’m wondering, is this coming from your inspiration, is it like the drawings from Spirit?

You are, my dear, very versatile in your work for Spirit and we use such as you in any way we can, in any avenue that you feel you could be of assistance and this is grand work you are doing and we are most grateful of course! We set great store by those like you who use their talents, yet to be discovered, and what a lovely talent it is to express yourself in this way! There are those in the spirit realms that help you do this, that bring forward the energy that you can master and hone and you are coming along very well in a short space of time, so well done my dear, well done indeed!

Thank you all for the gift! You are most welcome!

Turning to Julia. And have you any questions my dear also?

Q. I have so many in my head, I don’t want to hog the time with you though! (laughter) Is it Spirits will I am here today, is there a purpose?

There are many who join our merry throng, those in the higher realms as well as those here on the Earth plane, we join together for a greater purpose and you too have a very big part to play in all of this. We have called to the four winds, we have called to the directions, and they come and gather around us to bring us into alignment with one another. Our ancestors draw very close and many of them are here with us today. They are all wanting to see how this turns out and they are very proud of us all for having achieved this and come so far! You ‘all’ have very important parts to play and these will become apparent in the days and weeks ahead and we grow and muster the self-esteem necessary to forge that pathway that is there waiting to be explored. We have been very generous with our Love and affection for you all and we know this means a great deal to you as it does to us too! Remember we are always there with you, waiting in the wings, waiting to be called and we shall open up the prophecies, the Rainbow of Light and we bring forth the energy stored to help you. Do not be afraid, do not be afraid of yourselves and your true potential for there is so much there to harness! I see you like four horses galloping across the fields with your manes and tails blowing in the wind with excitement and Love. Visualise this if you would for a moment, feel that energy, feel the excitement, feel the earth beneath your hooves as you drive forward, galloping in freedom. Is it not a happy prospect? It is!

And we are there with you also and your guides who welcome this enticement to travel with you over fields and farms, over lands far away. And we are here today in this place of Peace and we enjoy the energies you bring, the Love you bring. The stable awaits, the horses are there for you to mount and we ride with you! Oh, happy day!

Q. Is there a united purpose for the four of us then?

We see you working together, forming a stronger bond of Love and friendship and this shall blossom out into all areas. We do not want to ‘spill the beans’ as it were for there are many happy times and surprises in store for you all, just know that you are on this journey that is right for you. You will feel it in your bones, you will feel it in your heart space if this is right for you. It feels right for us, may we say and we treasure these moments with you and enlighten the population of Earth as we go on our way, spreading for the message that Love will conquer all. No doubts, no fears, no uproar or hullabaloo, we are here to smooth the way, to smooth your path and to set you on course for a finer world!

Q. Please could you tell me why Tecumseh has been sent to me?

My dear, you have been sent this brave warrior to help you on your journey and to fulfill a mission that was promised long ago, a mission of high intent and propose. The bond between you grows stronger and will be fulfilled in this lifetime!

Thank you, that’s very exciting news!

There is more excitement yet to come for you will learn with each step upon this pathway you will learn and grow like the river in your song, flowing and growing!
We are very grateful thank you!

Q. Are you able to explain anything that happened at Avebury to me because I am a little confused but I do trust?

Avebury, the standing stones, is that which you speak of? It is!

There are many souls who have stood by those stones and asked their purpose on this Earth and the power and energy within those stones has often answered, but they bring and dredge up the memories from long ago, they awaken in your heart what was there all the time, is there within you. You are open and more susceptible to these energy sites and they do bring forth the answers that you need at the time. They bring up to the surface that emotion that was stuck, needing to be unblocked and brought to the surface. They have stood for ages, ages past and ages yet to come, those monolithic structures reach up to the heavens that bring down that golden light and energy. And for those very special few who are indeed open to these energies, they will manifest for you greater clarity and will bring the rewards that your heart so deserves. There are many blessed to receive these signs and we are indeed committed to unfolding this energy and bringing it closer to you. We ask that you believe with all your heart to that which strikes a balance and a harmony within your soul, registering deeply enabling greater commitment. We shine like the brightest star and unfold that wisdom within you that will bring you closer to the heart of God and this shall be seen to be done on all levels, in all dimensions simultaneously. Feel the Peace within your hearts, feel the Love and the certainty of that great Love.

Q. Thank you, has it taken many lifetimes to align the four of us today?

(Answering in a deep voice) Your spirits have worked together many times before, many times. There is much need for people like you to gather together from all walks of life. We utilise the energies that have been brought together once more to attend to those details that would otherwise be less fortunate in making such progress.

Q. Will it always be just four of us or will there be more to come?

I see the core nucleus of this group and others will come in an open, wider space, this shall be honed and perfected and then taken out to the wider world, with your approval of course! Your hearts are strong and true and if and when this comes about, it will be magnificent on a magnificent grander scale, but we have to get the seed, the core, we have to get the nucleus of this energy into a stronger more powerful state! And when this is done it will continue to grow at an alarming rate and out into the countryside, we spread our message that we are here, we are here!

Q. Are there things that we can individually do in order to progress, in order to get the seed where it should be?

Strengthening that connection with your own guides and ultimately the universal energy source that is available for all of you to tap into, that is all we ask you to do at this moment in time! One step at a time and all will unfold gently before your eyes!

Q. Can I ask another question please, I would like to know is there is any reason why the four of us here have been sent guides who are Native American?

As you have perhaps guessed my dear, there are those of you who have walked that pathway themselves and have shared that connection with the Native Americans from different era’s, from different tribes and have been drawn together once more in greater Love and harmony. It is all about Love, Love is the gatherer of souls and those loving connections can never be severed!

That’s lovely to know that Love will never die!

You will find your connections. We are all related! Thank you!

The times they are a changing across the wider world and we bring in and gather the energy to help you muster the strength necessary to forge ahead. The banner is raised, the banner of Light and Love.

Gap here where another energy changed to a gentler voice.

This commitment has been strong and we thank you. Go in Peace with our blessings and may all unfold to your liking and to the way in which you work together. This is given in the greatest Love and friendship and we are honoured now to go forward with you in the fullness of our hearts, and in the destiny of the stars that shine in your night sky, so brightly! We honour the creation of these energies and deliver to you what is needed and which you so desire. Light up the sky with your beauty, light up the sky with your wisdom, with your strength and courage, and we will see a much, finer day. Do not be worried or concerned about those grievances that come and go in your energy fields, you will be catered for, you will be given the impetus to go forward on that stream of Light. We channel the energy to you and help you survive the obstacles of Earth, and fire and water, shall help you!


Q. Please may I ask, with the greatest respect, who is advising us now please, I feel the energies have changed?

You are very observant my dear, we are those Star beings of Light that have watched your planet from afar and we give to you this ‘Urn of Light’, and to you, and to you my child! Accept the blessings within, use these gifts wisely, they will transmute into your energy fields and you will be gifted in ways that you never imagined! Thank you that is so kind and very special! (Eileen was shown a golden urn that she handed over to each girl present).

Q. Are there connections with Sirius?

Sirius, the Pleiades, there are many star systems who work together simultaneously, we work on many different levels and yes, those from Sirius join with us and from other constellations too.

Q. Are the four of us sitting in this room, sat on the council?

We have said too much already! (Laughter)!

Q. Do we have to follow our guts then? Indeed!

Ah Blessings and gratitude! I’ll choose my path more wisely next time!
There is much to learn yet still, many places to travel to and you do this in dream state. There are connections between you all on a much deeper level as we see that you very well know, and these shall be enhanced and brought into the light in the fullness of time. And we see you squealing with laughter, joyous in the occasion of remembrance. Reunited!

Indeed, reunited in the truest sense to fulfill our mission and God’s will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven!

Q. Do we have to understand some of the darker magic in order to go forward?

We shed Light on this subject in due course! All, as we have said, shall be brought into the Light. We welcome these questions and there will be more answers in time but for now, we must spread our wings and take flight. We thank you for allowing us into this space.

Thank you so much, please enjoy your journey! Thank you, Godspeed!

Simple blessings be upon you now and forever more! We remain in a state of grace and in perfect Peace.

Sitting Bull drew close once more. We would just like to come and say ‘good bye’!

Love and gratitude, thank you, goodbye until the next time!

Thank you, and may we say it was an honour to see you here my dear today, thank you for making the trip and we hope you will come again! I’d like to!
We set great store by these meetings and we practice and hone the energies until we make it perfect and in accordance with the plans made for us by the Great Almighty. We come closer into your orbit at these moments and we feel the energies most intensely. Thank you, thank you for taking the time and the energy to be with us and we look forward to joining with you on many more such occasion as this, different avenues in different venues, and we leave it to your imagination how this will occur and we give a thumb’s up! (Eileen turned to her picture of Sitting Bull and held up her thumbs)!

Now ladies we will take our leave, we have taken up too much of your valuable time already but we say thank you, thank you one and all! We now leave you to enjoy the rest of your day, and you can save a cake for me, we are never far away! (Gales of Laughter). All joking aside, may God’s blessings go with you and may you ever more walk in Peace Light and Love!

Blessings to you too!
Eileen did some research on static energy and found that energy from physical mediums can cause light bulbs to explode; pictures and objects to move and even machines to stop working. Some of these occurrences can be accounted for by extra static electricity within the medium’s body but it is also possible that they are early indications of physical mediumship.
After looking at the above link, I feel perhaps I drift from mental mediumship to physical mediumship during the sessions. Sitting Bull wishes me to practice every day so that I can get the connection spot on for when we go out into the wider world and demonstrate physical mediumship.

Glynis wanted to sit on the side of the pool but the rest of the girls pulled her in laughing. The bridge this time was like a clear crystal bridge and she went up into the beam of Light. In the cavern the Stag and blue Reindeer were there but they were further back this time. They said that’s Ok we don’t need to be so close now we’ll keep you safe and stand back in the wings as it were. The people who wear the white cloaks, the White brotherhood male and female were also standing back instead of directly round the pool, as if to say your safe! When Eileen was speaking a female energy came in after sitting Bull, and Glynis asked for confirmation by way of a sound if this was genuine and there was a bang outside!

Julia was in the healing pool and linked hands before travelling straight up in the beam of light. Usually Julia sees a shamanic fire and loads of guides around but this time it was different, she saw that they were not all Indians they were all different beings. She went back into the healing pool too and then realised that Eileen was talking. Julia noticed that when the energies changed in the room the lighting changed too and she felt the gentle loving energy.

Cathy said it was very blue in the pool and she did go for a swim down the tunnels before Eileen mentioned it. It was very peaceful and when she went into the beam of Light she had a ball of golden light in her chest that came out of her back. When she got to the top there was a gathering of people standing in a white light. She was dressed in white and was given a white dove that settled in her hand and remembered seeing the red in its eye. Cathy had felt quite emotional at times during the session.
Julia gave Glynis healing while Cathy and Eileen drummed. We also asked for healing for our friend Belinda.


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