14th June 2017 – Trance Group

For our guided visualisation today we walked along a sandy beach as the sun’s light danced upon the water. There are fishing boats with white sails and nets glinting with silver fish. I am aware of someone in a white robe walking beside me.

We share with one another in deep harmony. The Master Jesus comes into our midst and asks you to speak. He beckons you to join us for it has been a long time coming and we open those reserves of energy that will shelter you and help you in this initiative. Be ever vigilant, do not let others bar your way, for this is the true path of Light and wisdom unsurpassed and we come before you as we did long ago. We propel you forward to do your duty and to shine like the magnificent creatures you are. Do not be put out or despondent for you are here for a purpose that was agreed upon long ago, and you are here now and willing and that is all we can ask of you. We beam that Light upon you, showering you with our Love and it has been noted that you are willing to participate in this adventure.

Q. Are we progressing at the right pace along this path at the moment?

We believe you do very well in standing back and to observe that which is before you, before taking the plunge. We do assist you when you are ready to make a move, this has been ordained and shall be so. We look upon you as that bright hope and spark for mankind.

Q. How will we know when we are ready? Will you send us a sign?

You will know by that pull in your heart, you will know without a shadow of doubt that you are drawn in all urgency towards that goal of which you seek. Your heart serves you well for here is the reckoning.

(There were two loud bangs at this point in the recording).

Here is all that you seek and so much more. We send reserves of energy to help you in your endeavours.

Q. How do we keep our hearts open and loving when people can be cruel, and it’s easy then perhaps to harden your heart to protect yourself?

We see that you feel intimidated at times and we feel that rush of energy around you that will protect you from abuse, from all malfunctions due to the curses of others! We hold that Love around you. We shall not abandon you, we are there to help in instances of reprisals for those who should know better. It serves us well to dwell in the heart space at all times for here is your protection, here is your strength and your grace. We keep that shield around you and we suffer no interferences to your energy fields, we protect those that stand with us. We shall not allow a malfunction to occur! ‘You’ are your own worst enemies, doubting yourselves when you have the backup of the Angelic realms to help you. Believe in yourselves as we believe in you, true servants of God.
We belong to a wider spectrum of Love in a domain that knows no bounds, we are enveloped in that golden glow of Love and protection that knows no bounds. (Loud bang in room again).

Q. What is the name we should call you?

We are Jehovah! We are all-knowing and all-seeing and we reside in the hearts of each and every one of you. Believe in us, believe in yourself, believe in God Almighty and strengthen your connections, for we come in all honesty to raise you up and out of the doldrums, to raise you into that finer vibration that will encompass the whole of mankind. We do this to shelter you from the abuse that rains down upon you.
There is much speculation as to when this will come about, but we say unto you that this shall happen! This shall come about when enough of you have raised your consciousness and lifted your sights higher to those realms of Love and Light. This is when we shall raise you up to come among us once more and to behold the Kingdom of Heaven. We do believe there are many of you who realise this fact and hold strong and fast to those ideals that will help you to rise into a new dimension.

You are much loved, dear children of Earth, and we help you to untie the knots that surround you, to release you from your burdens, to cut the strings that hold you down so that you may rise unencumbered into that Light of Love. All shall be accomplished in the fullness of time and when you are each ready to make this mammoth leap of faith, we shall be there beside you! You are here to help this happen on a large scale right around your world and the numbers are growing, the lights are growing brighter with each passing day. Do not be put out by what you see on the news in your homes, know that there is more going on behind the scenes than you give us credit for. The energies are coming in to prepare you to enable this to happen.

There was a click in the room and I started voice the hymn in my head. 

Oh God, our help in ages past, our hope for years to come, our shelter from the stormy blast and our eternal home!

Q. Regarding our purpose, do we all have one purpose to share Love and Light, in which case how do we know what our role in that is?

We sing your praises and ask you to stand firm, there is a ‘knowing’ deep within you of the way to go forward and your purpose is to Love, foremostly to Love yourself and to become the beacon of Light that will enable others to follow. That is your purpose to shine your Light in whichever way is right for you. You may be drawn one way or the other but in ‘all’ things, follow your heart’s desire, it is as simple as that! No toing and froing, concentrate, spearhead the direction you are drawn in. Running hither and thither will only confuse you more, set down what it is you wish to do and make your mind up to do it! You shall be catered for, there is an abundance of help around you and an abundance of Love, draw from this and go forward with our blessings! You will succeed in doing the right thing, you will give hope to many on your pathway. And this shall be so!

(At this point, there was a bang in the room for confirmation perhaps).

Q. May I ask you, what is the purpose of illness when we are in this earthly form?

Disease is a manifestation brought upon each person by themselves through their choosing of not to look at what is right for them. They turn a blind eye, they think that all will be well. It is these adjustments that you can make on your journeys that will inhibit your progress or help you to achieve your life’s ambition. Disease is manmade it is not of God’s choosing to see you ill and suffering, we wish only for you to be enveloped in that Love of the Great Divine and to live your lives in truth and harmony.

(I questioned in my mind those babies born with diseases).

This one is asking about those souls who come to Earth already damaged. They have come to help, their purpose is to raise the vibrations to allow empathy, compassion and Love. There are those that give their lives in certain circumstances!

I was thinking about the tsunami many years ago where the vibrations were raised on a mammoth, massive level.

The compassion showed to those souls lost and those left bereft was great. They are special souls indeed who come to give this service to the human race and they are taken home and well looked after, given their massive dedication, and we honour them!
We thank you for this gathering of like minds, we open up the challenges before you and ask you to think upon the words spoken here today! Take the Love we bring and hold it in your hearts, dear, precious ones. Go now in Peace and spread the word of life eternal! We shall be there with you and we are here listening to any questions you may have, and we hope you will listen and watch for the answers. Please gather together in your homes and abroad and we will be there to show you the way. Sweet dreams little ones, sweet dreams!

We thank the Great Spirit for watching over us today, and for bringing us words of encouragement and Love. May we walk ever safely in God’s great Love. We ask that the residue of energy in this room will go out to the four corners of the world and send healing to those in greatest need. Amen.

One member saw a huge claw, probably an Eagle and had the vision of lots of Stars bursting and falling down like a roman candle of white light. This prompted Eileen to recall the fireworks she saw of white Light shooting high into the air and then falling down to Earth. This was after hearing a second hymn, Land of Hope and Glory!  Another member felt the presence of a bird of prey on her arm and then later what felt like a cast on her arm. They both had lots of visions but couldn’t recall them as there were so many.


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