SEEDS OF CHANGE – 7th June 2017
Let us meet again with our brothers and sisters of the White Brotherhood of Light as you make your way around the pool in the huge cavern, where we have been many times. Disrobe and gently lower yourself into the healing waters, let us all bathe in that healing energy. A time to forget the troubles of the world to be with our guides and inspirers, those who come to help us. Release the tensions, release the pain and the suffering, go within and enjoy this healing experience.

I was shown a tall cylindrical beam of white light directly over the pool and saw one of the girls being lifted into this light, being gently rotated in the healing energies. I asked for healing for her and also for the other member present and we stayed in these energies for quite some time. (later my friend said she was indeed lifted into this cylindrical beam of Light).

Arise from the pool and put on your white robes, your guide will lead you to another part of the cavern where a beautiful white Light shines down upon you. Pour out your heart, talk to them within you heart space and let them help you in whatever way is right for you.

There is much to see, much to write home about for we are doing our best to alert you to new strategies in your undertakings. We come to planet Earth to help you and guide you and we vouch for your safety on this Earth plane. Do not misunderstand our teachings, we do come in Love, and we ask you to open your hearts and open your minds to accept us, to believe that we come in your best interests. We are not given to overtures of a nature that is disparaging on any count, we come to nurture you and to open you up to believe in yourselves, for we are one and the same, there is no separation! We believe you will do justice to all that is given and we supplement your energy levels so that you may do this more often in your homes and abroad. We open up those key elements within you that will allow you to shine more brightly and we come to aid and abet you in this mission of yours. We depend on each other to grow and we nurture that spirit within you, enabling you to branch out in many different directions.

The seeds of change are blowing across the land and we welcome in new direction, new opportunities and this shall be a blessing! Please believe us when we say this, for we come forearmed with a greater knowledge that is seeping into the Earth plane. Slowly but surely the changes will become apparent, you will understand more, you will see, you will hear and this will become second nature to you, to receive our words and to share them. We do believe you shall stand strong and true, opening up the hearts and minds of those around you. Do not be shy, nor tremble or quake, for we come in the wake of a new understanding that shall grow and grow. We take up that gauntlet of service and push you forward onto the horizon, knowing that we have done well in choosing those who come to serve with the greatest of Love in their hearts for the human race.

Solitude is bliss and we bring this Peace around you to envelop your soul and to bring you into perfect alignment.

There was a long pause before they spoke again.

Alight now from your journeys and come back into the fold, into the safety of this sanctuary. (The girls started to come around from their meditation).

And did you enjoy your experiences? Yes, very much.

That is good! We are pleased to welcome you here again, for us to abide in that Love of the Great Divine, it is a most auspicious occasion when we can join with our brothers and sisters on the Earth plane. It enables us to come that little bit closer into your energy fields and to align with you, to become one with you. And that is all we ask of you that we may align and become as one true voice.

Peace be with you my children! We feel that peace and that generosity of spirit within you all. It is our privilege to be here with you now and to share with one another that gentility of spirit and the blessings that we bring to advance you and to help you on your journeys.

Thank you for joining us today in this sanctuary and teaching us a little more each time, we enjoy it very much!

That is welcome news dear sister. Are there any questions you would like to ask about your journeys today, is there anything we can help you with?

Q. I was shown a large bowl of golden coins reaching up very high, does that signify anything?

This signifies a wealth of knowledge and there is much to learn upon this journey as you will find out, we have no doubt. Thank you for your answer.
That golden pile of coins represents so much more. We shower you with this knowledge, with this energy and you shall sift through this coinage and find what it is you desire. It is indeed a treasure trove and there are many adventures, many adventures to come, exploration of the highest. You are most blessed and evermore shall be so!

Turning to the other group member.

And you my child have much joyous adventures to come also, we love the exuberance within your breast and there is opportunity to learn and to grow for you also.
I was laid upon a bed that was covered with an animal skin and I could see my Indian guide and other people from the tribe around. There was an Indian chief with a big headdress with white feathers in between rows of colour. They covered me in feathers, mostly Eagle feathers and then they drew this animal skin around me and looped it snuggly around my body with my face showing. (later she said they had put moccasins on her feet too and she felt she was being protected and healed).
There is much healing needed for you, and we reach out to help you in more ways than one. You have been accounted for, we come to you many times, we have not forgotten you nor ever shall. You are most precious to us as you have always been. Do not give up, hold strong and fast to that strength within your breast.

You are both much loved and honoured for this journey you have taken. It can be long and arduous but there are many gifts given to help you along this pathway. Take heart little ones, there is much to do, much to overcome and we are there by your side helping you do just that. We have been on this long road together for many a moon. We take this opportunity to wish you well on your journey throughout this time frame, and we stand on the side-lines and watch you and cheer you on! And you shall reach that place that most honoured position, and we share with you in congratulations on a job well done! We are most proud of you, most proud.

May the Love of the Great Beloved shine down upon us and continue to help us as we grow ever closer to the heart of God our maker and creator. Be safe little ones, be safe in the knowledge that you are loved more than you shall ever know. We project you forward into that sacred space and ask that you honour yourselves as ones who come to serve. We ignite that flame of Love within you to grow more strongly and to help in igniting the Love and Light of the nation.

The Brotherhood of Light salutes you and wishes you God speed! Go now armed with that Peace, feel it around you and within you. Most treasured earthlings.

On the way home, the member who had been covered in feathers asked about the Rocket tribe and they told her they were her ancestors. I wondered if the scene she saw was a ceremonial burial as during our session she had also seen a baby in the womb which could denote a rebirth in this time frame.

Looking it up later she discovered the following: -The name Reckowacky, which is also spelled Requarkie, Rechouwakie, Rechaweygh, or Rechquaakie,was to distinguish the Rockaway village from other Mohawk Nation villages; “Reckowacky” means “lonely place”, or “place of waters bright
The Rockaway Indians were the tribe that inhabited the area now known as Richmond Hill, Long Island. The Long Island tribes lived fairly prosperly. Chiefly they were hunters and fishermen, but some of them were farmers who raised beans and corn. Game, which was rather plentiful on the Island at that time included deer, bear, racoon, turkey, quail, partridge, goose and duck. Also, seafood was plentiful where fresh water met salt water, many Indian campsites could be found at such inlets- where the natives caught crabs, clams, scallops, lobster, and many kinds of fish including herring, bass and bluefish. The Indians were expert fishermen, equally adept with bows and arrows or simple hook/string methods of catching fish. According to early accounts recorded by the first European settlers, Indian houses in the area were dome-shaped structures from 10 to 20 feet in diameter, covered with grass. Clay covered openings at the tops of the dwellings prevented them from burning when fires were lit inside: the vents allowed smoke and heat to escape.


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