17th May 2017 – During meditation, we went down again deep into Mother Earth, into a huge cavern where there is a lake of healing water for us to use. Our tribe, the White Brotherhood drew close to speak with us.

We respond to the rhythms of your heart and invite you into this sacred space. There is time here to learn and grow, we offer you a place to do this where you feel safe. You are enveloped in a loving glow, having time to ponder on what is around you. Your awareness stretches, pushing back the boundaries of what you have come to expect.
Long pause as we soaked up the energies.

You are alight with Love, refining your energy fields, blending with the great I AM presence. You are Love, you are most beautiful to behold, you are the true essence of that Divine spark, you are one with us, your brothers and sisters of Light. Come now to the edge of the pool, join us and share with us, this energy.
See the pool alight and the image of Mother Earth shall be revealed to you, see her beauty, see her glowing as we all send our loving energy around the circumference of this vision. Project your light of Love to this vision of Mother Earth, share your energy with her, light up the cavern with this energy.

A pillar of white light radiates down into the pool, lifting this vision of Earth into that beam of light. See her rising up most beautiful to behold, caught in this beam of light to be healed. Home in on those areas that need greater healing, the patches of shadow that appear are what we shall concentrate on. Use the light like a laser, directing it to those areas of dark shadow, see the shadows disintegrating and falling away to reveal the light and true essence. See her surrounded in this golden glow of light and know that a healing has occurred.

We had a wonderful time participating in this experiment and I wondered how they were going to bring us back.

We ask that you find your place on the map, homing into the country you are in now, see yourselves gently gliding down into the location where you are at this present time, sitting back in your seats in this little sanctuary, where we ask you to join us and to take part in a discussion.

(Group member). Thank you for joining us today, we feel the energies are very strong, very powerful. We are very grateful!

We are honoured to have you with us as always! It gives us great pleasure to see different faces coming in, different energies joining you and sharing. We are all learning and growing, we learn from you just as you learn from us and we take this opportunity to thank you both for joining us. There are many operatives that come to Earth to do our bidding, to spread the word of Love eternal, and we are doing our best to harness the energies to make this possible here and further afield. There are many opening up like flowers to the sun and we do our best in utilising the energies that will help you adjust.

Q. Are the energies of the world changing and is the vibration rising?

As you all awaken the energies grow more powerful right around the world in every nook and cranny, there are many coming to realise their true worth. We open up your vision and allow you to see more deeply into your psyche, into the very heart of you. We do this slowly and carefully to help you adjust more easily, it is not in our nature to catapult you into scenarios that would be so overwhelming as to burn you out! There is only just so much that the human mind can contemplate at any one time. There is an evolution of sorts transpiring, an evolution of mankind bringing you back on course, for many have sunken into depths of degradation who are suffering and crying out for help, and we are doing just that! The energies of the enlightened ones, the energies of those who are expanding and growing are enveloping those who need that help and like a domino effect it enables a regrouping of souls. And we expand our services to enable this to happen so that all may be lifted into those higher vibrations of Love, that they be lifted above the fog of uncertainty, of doubt and deceit, that they be lifted into that loving energy so wonderful to behold.

Q. Are you able to say you came to visit me last night, and what was their message?
We are preparing you and those like you to receive our messages and to understand them, we have come many times to reach you and those like you with open hearts and minds.

Long pause of deep breathing, then energies came forward with a higher sounding voice.
The message we bring is Love eternal. We embrace you with our Love.
Long pause as the energy of love grew stronger in the room and my voice changed to a lighter vibration.

We are translucent energy. We move in those directions where we are needed, where we can help. You are precious to us in the great scheme of things. We assist you in your growth to enable you to align with those energies that will help you and assist you on your pathway. We assist these gatherings, helping you adjust, bringing you closer into our orbit. Do not worry, all is in hand for a greater future for you and all mankind, you shall not be left out, you shall not fall from grace, you shall be brought into alignment with that greater energy of Love sublime. You cannot help but be attracted to this light, drawn into that flow of energy from whence you came, back to the light of Love, back into that energy of who you were, who you are, who you have always been.

Different (male) energy
We give thanks for the rendering of these services and thank all who have participated. There is a strength blossoming within you all and we look forward to further sessions when we may expand on what has transpired and on what has been given in the fullest sense. There are many who watch over you on the Earth plane and we gather together on occasions such as these to give you shelter, to give you hope for the times to come, and to give you that place of safety where you may come and ask those questions that need to be answered.

We know you strive for the truth and look to the horizon with bright eyes, know that we are always with you and can be reached at any time with the power of your minds and with your heart. Keep us safe within the cloisters of your heart space and we will forward on those messages to the higher realms and to those who have your best interests at heart. And we will get back to you and answer as best we may. Be strong, be brave, go out into the world and shine your lights, like the true stars that you are. We are forever in your debt and we thank you from the bottom of our heart for all that you do, all that you accomplish and at great cost to yourselves. There are many enquiring minds coming to the fore, the young ones need to be nurtured to feel that Love and wisdom from you, so that they may go forward and take their place beside you. They are the strong ones, coming forward to speak and to share the bounty of your wisdom. A new world will be born!  Go now my friends in Peace. May God’s great Love be with you now and forever more.

We thank the great Spirit for the many blessings we have received this afternoon and we ask for Love Light and healing to go out to all of our families and our friends, and to those who would do us harm! We send out Love to them all and ask that they be enveloped in this loving energy that they too will be helped to grow in God’s great Love.

One of the group, who was in need of healing saw some chipmunks which made her laugh, interestingly they originate from North America. She then saw a medicine man and felt the urge to shake her rattle but didn’t want to disturb the group. (We had been drumming at the start of the session). The medicine man also used snake venom on her to help draw out the poisons in her body. During the session, she opened her eyes and glancing across at the Buddha statue saw it undulating in the energy, also the Egyptian statue with wings seemed to be moving in the energy.

Another group member said during the meditation, she dived under the water into the pristine lake of beautiful colours. When the Earth appeared in the lake it looked like a huge milky opal with the blues, greens and flashes of fiery red. As it came up into the white beam there was a golden light around it and felt she was being lifted up and flying towards it. Emanating from her was a soft green light that blended with the golden light around Earth. When she opened her eyes at one point she saw my face changing, almost like an x-ray type vision in reverse and saw a face with deep eye sockets and a long, fleshy nose. It was a non-human face but there were no feelings of revulsion, only Love.


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