26th April 2017 – HEALING LAKE
At the beginning of our group today we played our drums and rattle and sang some chants we had learned called ‘The Earth is our Mother’ and Cauldron of Changes’.
I opened in prayer and started to give a guided meditation for the two members present. As I started to guide the girls on their journey I sensed a presence calming me also and showing me the visuals for our mediation.

Envisage that beautiful golden ball of light above your heads and slowly see it descending into your crown chakra. Feel the Peace it brings as it gently fills your head and your face, know that it is bringing healing with it. See and feel that golden energy flooding down your spine and across the muscles in your back, calming you and relaxing you, healing all pain, all negativity and all sorrow, taking those energies away and replacing with Peace, Calm and Love. See the energy flooding your chest, shoulders and arms, flowing down into your hands and dripping out through your fingertips. See that energy cascading down into your tummy area and your hips, see it flowing down your buttocks and legs, into your knees, shins and calves. See the energy going through your ankles and down into your feet, flooding out of your toes. Look back and see your body and aura flooded with golden light, cleansed, healed and protected. See your hair flowing in this golden energy, your face and skin radiant. See that energy flooding down into your throat and cascading once more down your entire body, knowing that every cell is being rejuvenated, cleansed and purified.

Visualise golden roots from your feet going down into Mother Earth, into the soil, into the rocks, through the water and the fire, deep, deep down into Mother Earth. See those roots travelling down to the crystal caves and survey once more those beautiful caves and lakes, see the waterfall cascading making ripples on the lake.
Let us go into the water, walk into the water and submerge ourselves in the beautiful healing waters. It is not cold, the water is tepid and you can swim and float, knowing that you are protected by the Angels. They are all lined around the lake, watching over you and keeping you safe, sending healing energies into the water. (As I type this I can see the pale blue water charged with energy).

I’m going to leave you for a while to soak up the healing energy, to wash away the cares of the day and to be re-energised and rejuvenated.  (After about 5 minutes I was shown figures in white robes).

Your Angel comes to the side of the pool and brings you a white robe, and as you step out of the pool you dry immediately and put on this white robe with long wide sleeves and a hood. Follow the Angel and encircle the pool now with those dressed as you are dressed. The pool becomes a mirror; project the visions of those you know, who need healing, into the mirror and send Love and healing energy to them. (From within the centre of the pool a dais rises up and another figure dressed in white stands in the middle of the circle and started to speak).

There are many who come to be healed here in this cavern and we give thanks for the services you bring, honouring the people of Earth. This has been our way for centuries past, this has been our main objective to bring a healing to Earth. Open your eyes, open your hearts and sing, sing with joy, sing with happiness! There are those that stumble and fall by the wayside but we help them, we help them to rise once again and to join the merry throng. This is the pathway we walk, this is where we are doing our best to help the people of Earth and to bring them back to full awareness, to bring them back to their senses so they may understand their true worth. You help them do this in so many ways and we are most proud of you, we are most proud of your achievements on the Earth plane. Help us to help you by setting aside some time, every day, in contemplation. We know you are so very busy on the earth plane, scurrying here, there and everywhere, doing your best to fulfil your mission, to fulfill your destiny. And we are there by your side helping you to achieve this, and to come full circle back to the beginning, back to the Source of all that is.

Help us to help you understand yourselves and we shall do our best to answer your questions as they rise in your breast. There is an undercurrent of activity going on even as we speak, and we feel you drawing closer and closer to us, closer in our embrace. Let this Love settle upon you and sink into your heart so that you may become one with us once more. We wish to encourage you to strive always evermore for that goal of Peace and harmony, we are your brethren, we are your brothers and sisters of Light.
We are transported from this Star into your timeframe to abide with you in greatest Love and to bring back the Peace within you. Feel the Love washing over you and through you, become ‘one’ with all of creation.

My favourite track began to play of the sea crashing rhythmically to shore and I drifted in an ocean of Love for over ten minutes. The power in the room began to increase.

Welcome back my friends, we thank you for participating in this afternoon’s session. Peace be with you and may you walk forever more in God’s blessings. We desire to speak to you on certain issues that have arisen and we ask that you listen with open hearts and minds to what we have to say to you. Believe us this is no idle quest that you are on, and you have come full circle back into the fold so to speak. We bring you our blessings, we bring you our Love, we bring you a little of that true essence of who you are, we allow you to expand your minds far out into the universe. (I sat forward in my chair at this point). We are open for questions!

(The girls said later they were too deeply entranced to speak).

We expand your horizons and yet you seek shelter within your minds, but all is there for you to taste and explore. We venture further out into the cosmos and allow you to travel with us on that beam of Light that gives you full expression, fulfilling your destinies to shine like the brightest star. (loud bang in room). The heavens are alight with those jewels of silver light that pierce your night sky. We see you looking out with wonder and awe at the beauty you behold, and all this is an expression of yourselves, of the Light within you that shines so brightly, so strongly, so ‘vibrantly’!
We have much to be thankful for and we increase in numbers far around your world, far beyond those furthest outposts that you have never seen with your physical eyes. We open up a whole new experience for you and how wondrous is that, how beautiful! And we register the joy within you as you experience these wonders to behold, and it brings us much joy also to feel you experiencing these things for yourselves. We hold you to us in deep embrace and feel the beat of your hearts growing stronger, wiser with each passing day.

We come from beyond that Star that shines in your sky most brightly for all to behold that brings you light and warmth, and wisdom unsurpassed. It enables us to meet on occasions such as these when we can tune into that inner core of our being and register the ‘home’ vibration, the vibration of purest Love. And this is available to each and every one of you on Earth, this is your destiny; from Love, you were born and to Love you will return. Make what you will of the journey in between, make it count, make it Love, make it joy, harness that energy within you so that we may join forces and help you to grow stronger, more powerful! Stand in your strength, stand in your Love for there can be no other power stronger than this!

This is what we are made of, we are made of Light, the Light of Love, and it pours out from you and reaches out to others, who still stand in darkness and can see no hope for the future, can see no joy! They are closed like a nut, tight and fast, harbouring that seed of consciousness within them, that kernel of wisdom within, within all of you. Some can be very tough nuts to crack but some respond to the warmth of Love and open most naturally, so the seed within can grow. Like the tree, putting roots down into the earth, spreading their branches up into the sunlight, and the leaves and fruits of the tree manifest in great glory. Stand proud and strong like the tree for others to see you, to see that expansion of Light within you, knowing that they too can do the same.
We are all ‘One’ we always have been, we are one with the source of all creation and we manifest that Light within us that would dazzle many. And so, we shine our lights stronger, further out into the darkness of Earth and encompass those who need to feel the warmth of your Love. They will respond at some point, they can do little else! Keep shining, and don’t forget to recharge your batteries, we are always here to help you to do just that, a few moments of your time each day and each night before you lay own to sleep, think of us. Think of us and we will be there with you ever stronger, purposefully igniting that Light within you.

There were loud cracks and bangs around the ceiling. I remember feeling the power so strongly and holding my arms up high.


We salute you dear children of Earth! Be brave, be bold, go strongly into that Light and take us with you in your hearts. May it be so!

We thank you for this gathering and for all that has taken place, may God’s great Love be with you now and forever more. And may we walk always boldly into that Light of Love.

The girls had gone very deep during this session, going deep into the caves and then flying out into the cosmos having so many different adventures. There was a sense of circles within circles and realignment.


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