My PLEIADES Connection

How I embarked on my Spiritual Journey and my PLEIADES connection.
After my second daughter was born I became very ill with suspected Multiple Sclerosis. The hospital couldn’t give me a definite diagnosis and I felt in limbo. One day I saw a lady called Betty Shine on TV giving healing to a man with M.S. The tears poured down my cheeks as I realised this was what I needed.

I wrote to the BBC and they forwarded my letter to Betty, who promptly replied and put me in touch with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers. She told me about her book ‘Mind Magic’ which I borrowed from the library as I couldn’t afford to buy it. The book gave me hope and inspiration and I wrote back and told her I was going to save up for my very own copy. (At this time in my life I couldn’t even afford to buy clothes from a charity shop as we were in dire straits and about to lose our home). I knew Betty was sending me absent healing and I used to ride to work on my bike singing, Betty shine, shine on me! A week later I was in for such a lovely surprise as Betty very kindly sent me her book so that I could have my very own copy!
The Nat Fed Healer I visited literally awakened the Spirit within. During our first healing session, I saw a blue flame which suddenly ignited and burst into flame. In following sessions, I was enveloped in lilac and purple clouds which pulsated around me. We became close friends and I eventually trained to become a healer myself passing my exams in 1994.
My first introduction to Spiritual guides and inspirers began in the early nineties and this happened in a most surprising and stunning way. I woke in the night to see a group of people standing above the foot of my bed, arranged in the form of a pyramid. They seemed to be bathed in a golden glow as if illuminated by firelight and at the very top stood an Egyptian lady with large, dark eyes who held me in her gaze. There were many people of different nationalities and I scanned them avidly, always being drawn back to the top of the pyramid – absolutely mesmerized.
Shortly after this incident an oriental guide who had a long white moustache and beard, introduced himself to me. I interpreted his name as Tyekinder and he told me: –
“Go forth and learn. Be like the urn that is forever full. As each new truth is learnt and understood more knowledge will filter through in an endless stream. Sometimes it comes in a torrent and takes time to digest, at other times it is but a mere trickle. Don’t keep it to yourself so the water becomes stagnant but pass on this knowledge to others”.
I began to receive communications telepathically and started to keep a pen and pad at my bedside as many of these transmissions were conveyed during the night. During one of these transmissions, I was shown the older brother from a duo called, ‘Journey South’ who were in the ‘X-Factor’ singing competition in 2005. He was dressed as a Roman soldier and saluted me with a fist to his chest as he backed out of vision. I wondered why I was being shown this person and before making my way back to bed, I opened the window to look out at the stars. They were shining so brightly and to my amazement, high in the sky to the ‘South’ was the cluster of stars I’ve been searching for called the Pleiades. My eyes were drawn to them immediately! I grabbed the binoculars and could clearly see the six white stars that are called the ‘Seven Sisters’. Thanking them I went back to bed, and was as excited as a small child on Christmas Eve.
One evening as I lay in bed asking my star friends where I would end up, I was shown a vision of ‘Queen Galadriel’ from the film ‘Lord of the Rings’ where she spoke of going into the west! The moon was shining brightly that night and its silvery beams lit up the arm of my crystal star that was pointing west. Six months later for even further clarification I was shown a silver arrow flying past my face, heading west! Looking on the map I saw that Wales was to the west of us and in 2003 my husband and I took a trip to explore. We both fell in Love with Wales and knew without a shadow of doubt this was where we were meant to be. Within four months we had sold our house and moved – and the new car we bought for the journey happened to be ‘silver’ just like that arrow! The move helped to further raise my frequencies, enabling access to even higher dimensions; it was here that I received startling information to be passed on to the Children of Earth and our first book – ‘New Visions for the Future of Mankind’ was finally published in 2009.
The channellings continued and our second book ‘We Come as One Voice’ shows a deepening connection with many different Star beings. These beings of Light draw close to assist their counterparts on Earth, Light workers who are here to raise their own frequencies and in turn those of mankind. For me this culminated in ‘White Cloud’ stepping forward to officially make himself known to me, along with a vision of him in his role as overseer for The Federation of Light. This prompted a painting which I have used for the cover of this book.  ‘Sitting Bull’ has also drawn very close to me over the years, coming forward more strongly recently and I look forward to the work we shall be doing together.
Those who come forward often start sentences with ‘We’ as they speak for a whole collective of energies from many different star systems, all coming together to forge an alliance, assisting mankind in their transition to a new dimension of loving grace. As the transmissions became more frequent I took to using my recorder at each session, capturing the flavour and essence of the messages and visions received, enabling the reader to share my experience of blending with those from the higher realms.
We are also preparing to channel information accompanied by transfiguration and this process allows the audience to see the communicators vibrating on a different frequency with the chance to ask questions, enabling a discussion of sorts. Some of these communicators have shown themselves to be of extra-terrestrial appearance and in the future, they hope we will come to accept them as they truly are – our friends and relations!

“There is much to overcome and we are doing our best to make this connection stronger and more vibrant so that you will see with your own eyes – your physical eyes! We reel back the curtain and allow you to see us as we truly are – it is a bold statement to make but we will honour this”.

My book ‘We Come as One Voice’ can be obtained from Amazon for £14.99. For each book ordered on Amazon I will give my first book ‘New Visions for the Future of Mankind’ free for a limited period. Contact me on


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