1st March 2017 – EXPAND AND GROW

For today’s session, there are three of us and I started with a guided meditation to relax the girls, sending Golden, Healing Light down through the body, releasing all toxins and negativity. We then sent our golden roots deep into Mother Earth, sending healing to all who reside beneath Earth’s crust. We then brought the golden energy back up to the crown centre and out into the cosmos, linking with our Star family, before bringing the energy back down to the heart centre, where we sent the energy around the circle and into the flame in the centre of the room to be utilised during the session.

A loving energy approached and began to speak.

It makes no difference whether you are black or white, all are welcome in the ‘Light’. We give thanks for the energies here present and we adjust our timetable to fit in with your requirements. It has been noted there are many upon this journey, and we are sharing a new awareness for one and all. Breathe easily my friends, breathe easily. It is nothing to worry about, all is in progress, all will come to fruition as was planned centuries past. And it gives us great pleasure to be here with you now, this afternoon, in this little sanctuary held sacred for such occasions as this.

We bow to your expertise in welcoming us to these shores and we come in anticipation for the times to come. We are powerless to hold back for we need to be seen and heard, and this is our mission of great importance. Please rely on us to bring through the flavours of the orient, the sights and sounds. We are well noted for these and we ask you to bear witness.

We adjust our frequencies and put on hold what is not needed. There are thoughts and expressions we would like to air with you today, and we ask that you tamper not with those reserves of energy that shall help you to expand and grow in all directions, these are necessary, very necessary for your growth. And there are experts on both sides that can help you adjust, and to encompass these energies in a way that will not cause interference to your daily lives. We are up for the challenge! Are you?

We open the portal and allow you through, our most treasured earthlings, bless you, both of you for you have done well upon the earth plane, and we are most proud of your endeavours to date. We ask you to sample some home truths that will allow further progression, and we come into your orbit and allow you to link with us.

We release the energy that will set you free, hovering on the brink of both worlds. Come fly with us, open your minds. We fly to those furthest outreaches beyond all scope and imagination. Reinvent yourselves, you have the power to do this. One day you shall come to us and say, ‘Oh we wish we could have done this sooner’! Expand the senses, evoke further mysteries that shall unfold and be revealed in their true light. We are borne aloft on the wings of Love.

There was a long pause here and I could feel a change in the energies, I settled back and after a while realised I had gone quite deep as the presence with me had drawn much closer. In a lighter voice, they came forward to speak.

Sweet maidens, count your lucky stars, come follow us and play awhile, play among the stars. Sweet dreams are made of this.

I could hear strains of the song ‘Sweet Dreams are made of this’ by Annie Lennox and looked up the lyrics after the session.

‘Everybody’s looking for something’ and ‘hold your head up
keep your head up, movin’ on
were phrases in the song that jumped out at me.‘

Sweet dreams are made of this
Who am I to disagree
Travel the world and the seven seas
Everybody’s looking for something
Some of them want to use you
Some of them want to get used by you
Some of them want to abuse you
Some of them want to be abused.

Hold your head up
Keep your head up, movin’ on
Hold your head up
Movin’ on, keep your head up, movin’ on

We revoke you from your reveries and ask you to shine a Light on our sister here, direct that energy to her heart centre and we will do the rest!

There was a long gap as the energies built up and I felt a presence move forward into the space around me. They turned my head around to face Debra and spoke.

Do you have a question?

When is it my turn?

When indeed! When your heart is fully opened, all shall be available to you. The essence is there, it needs to be worked upon, to be knitted together, to become stronger. The Light is within you. How?

It needs to be fanned. There is strength, strength of purpose, but the Spirit is lacking somewhat in lustre.

How do I make it shine?  (There was a loud bang at this point on the recording).

That is easy! Love yourself first and foremost, nurture that Light within you. Be the child, spark that Light into life. Have more faith in yourself, do not rely on others, ‘you’ are the guiding force. Fan that Light, keep it bright, do not give up, be steadfast in your deliberations. The more you learn, the more you grow, the more abundance will be yours. So much joy, so much abundance, give it time and all will come to fruition. Just ‘stay’ to the path, do not go hither and thither, direct your energies into what is your heart’s desire. Do not bend to the whims of others, rather give this to yourself, this Love. There is the child within you that whimpers and cries out in the night. We come to your aid, do not despair, it is all there within waiting to unfold. A company of Angels watches over you and keeps you safe, have strength in this knowledge that you are not alone. All is possible, we are all given this freedom of choice to expand and grow,- and we are always there for those who make this choice.

Thank you.

You are most welcome.  Are there any other questions?

Glynis asked, Am I following the right path on my journey, working and trying to heal?

You are most blessed to have this gift of healing and many start out on this path. We welcome the healers of the world for there is much need at this time upon the Earth plane. You have a magic touch that is welcomed by many! Thank you.There may be more to come but you will know this. If you get or when you get the pull in a different direction, this will be the heart telling you to move on, and move you will! Listen to that guiding force within you, your true vocations will draw you like a magnet, there will be no challenging your judgement for you will ‘know’ within the very core of your being, you will know if this is the right pathway for you. And little by little it will become obvious to you where your talents lay and where you are drawn. Again, have more faith in yourself! Thank you.

Your much loved! And when this comes about we will hear you shout to the heavens in unbridled joy! For you were challenged and you answered the call to come and be a part of this glorious time, and there is much to see and learn, and you shall grow ever stronger in that Light. And ‘all’ will unfold, all will become apparent, all will manifest and enrich your lives and you will give thanks for this day!

Know that you may come to us at any time, you can speak with us whenever the need arises, the talent will be to listen! Listen to that voice within that grows stronger and stronger with each passing day, and you will ‘know’ that it is right, that the answers you receive are the ‘right’ answers for you. And we are not forcing you to take the bait, we are asking you to ‘listen’ to yourselves, for we are as one! Prepare to accept this and you will go forward.

And what will be our goal?

For the fulfillment of your destiny, for the fulfillment of that expression of Love, for Love is the be all and end all. You decide how you would like to express the Love that is within you, it shall manifest in many ways, in many areas, all is there for the taking. We cannot say you would be better at this, and you would be better at that, for you have this gift within you, you are capable of so much. Your strengths and your weaknesses shall become as ‘one’ to be nurtured and loved, and given the impetus to carry you forward on this tidal wave of Love. And we ask you to mull these thoughts over, to let them flow and develop into something stronger.

You have the power to do this, you have the power to create a destiny that is right for you. Manipulate the energy, see it expand and grow.

At this point I was holding a ball of energy and maneuvering it around as it expanded and grew larger and larger.

Take this energy with you, expand on it, develop it, allow it to help you. Manifest a vision for yourself that you wish to see for yourselves, and expand on this and let it grow.

I held out the palms of my hands and felt the urge to fling the energy to both girls.

May the Love of the Great Divine be with you now and forever more. May your consciousness expand and grow in all directions and may you be forever at Peace with your deliberations. We ask the Creator to give us sustenance and to help us in our journeying’s.

There was some amazing feedback from Debra and Glynis. They didn’t actually see who was with me, their eyes kept flickering shut as they were being drawn to go within.

Debra said she went very deep and at the moment I mentioned the word portal, she could see a curtain with a gap in it. Both the girls felt they were swimming and floating in the cosmos, playing like children amongst the stars. Debra felt her face and body changing and her fingers felt strange as if the thumb and finger were joined together. Debra asked a question in her mind and at that point Eileen asked if anyone had a question? Debra felt there was a need to speak aloud, she had the impression that next time she would be allowed to speak, that this was a practice for her to be prepared for that. At the end when Eileen flung the balls of Light Debra felt she had been hit by a wall of energy.

Glynis said she couldn’t actually feel her body, and as she swam in the cosmos could see the orange/red colours of Saturn with the circles around it. In her mind, she had the phrase, ‘time edges forward’. When she said that she didn’t understand, back came the reply ‘the time is approaching’! Her back was aching and they told her she would receive healing. It felt like a ball of energy similar to Kundalini in her base chakra, it literally travelled up her vertebra all the way to the top of her spine. It travelled down and then stoked up again and travelled back up. At the end her hands were completely tingling all over and she could feel a ball of Light vibrating in her hands.



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