SITTING BULL revelations

I have decided to share this channelling from 18th January 2017

Great Spirit are there any words you would like to share today or am I still recuperating and regenerating?

We give thanks for this day and all that it brings!

Oh, Great Spirit my heart fills with Love for just as you spoke a beautiful yellow and blue bird landed on the bush just outside my window. I feel the Love within my heart expanding and growing and I thank you for these wonderful energies that are coming to Earth at this time to help all mankind. My heart reaches out to you across the great divide and I ask that you come closer into my orbit and fill me with your Love.
We come in all honesty to do your bidding and we nurture the Spirit within to bring about that expression of Love that is there for all to behold. And we bring you sweet blessings dear sister of Light! We come in great jubilation and express ourselves as best we may, we know that you have laboured long and hard on this pathway of Light and we rest our case, knowing that you have come a long way in a considerably short space of time.

I’m now seeing my portrait of sitting Bull.

We offer you our blessings also dear child of the Light and you are very special to us in more ways than one. We have nurtured you and encouraged you to accept us, and in this we are very blessed as you come among us into the fold of that Great Universal Love that can be experienced by all.

We have no way of knowing how this will all unfold except to say that we bring you our Love and blessings to help you on your way. We shall be discreet at all times, and we shall give this undertaking that you may come among us and speak in those tongues that shall give expression to what we bring to the population of Earth. And we know you set great store in what we bring with an open and loving heart, and we shall not be daunted, we shall open up and grow forever more in the Love of the Great Spirit. We express ourselves with great joy to be with you, and to openly express our Love for you in many formats. Open your eyes, open your heart and sing. We shall overcome!

I can now see Sitting Bull

We shall overcome and we bring our blessings to you dear sister of Light in preparation of the times to come, and these shall be numbered in days for the time is upon us when we shall bring that Light and Love back into the world of men. And we share with you and those like you who offer their services to the human race, and we come in great numbers right across the world, opening up the hearts and minds of the many who suffer in silence.

We know there are many of you who cannot accept these words, considering them mumbo jumbo with ‘New Age’ scepticism, but my friends a new age is upon you, and words cannot describe the beauty and the Love that is there for you to behold. We come in all honesty, and from the goodness and joy within our hearts we express ourselves in terms of endearment to be with you once more. These sessions mean a great deal to us as they do to you, and we recognise the joy within your soul when we draw ever closer. These mornings of quiet repose in your little sanctuary, sitting alone, yet not alone for we are always with you, and we welcome this expression of Love within your heart. We welcome you with open arms to our domain and share these blessings with all who hear our words, for you are all children of the Great Divine and most truly loved, each and every one of you.

Reach out and touch that space within you, that space that yearns for contact, for the expansion of your soul. And we rise up before you and open the veil to reveal ourselves, and we shall come in great honour and with the greatest respect for the peoples of Earth. We come into your field of vision so that you may see us with your own eyes, and your clarity of vision will depend upon your advancement, will depend upon the openness of your heart. And when you have reached that vibration that will open your vision, you shall see us and we bow down before you and honour you and shower you with our Love, for these times are of great importance to all of us! And we know you will bear with us as we strengthen and maintain these energies so that all may take succour.

We ask that you kneel down with us and thank the Great Spirit for the many blessings showered upon us, and we give thanks for this reunion of souls, opening the gateways that lead us to those heavenly spheres of greater Love. We prepare you to access these dimensions so that we may walk those meadows of green, and hear the laughter once more of those dearest to us that have passed across to the other side. We honour and thank you and ask that you accept with our blessings this gift of companionship, expressing our mutual Love and admiration for what has gone before and for what is to come in our future association together. May God’s blessing be with you now and forever more!

Your beloved Sitting Bull, husband and father to our children, those lost and loved forever more.

I asked what my name was but all I could get was – Sweet as the meadow, green as the grass. I’m being shown beautiful clouds of lilac interspersed with golden shapes. A beautiful, wise friend of mine later told me that in the tradition of these beautiful people, names described something about the person. Therefore, “Sweet as The Meadow, Green as The Grass” is most likely literal. Prior to being moved to the reservation, the Lakota’s and Dakotas lived where the prairie met the “Big Woods.” Green grass meant abundance for all, and is one of Mother Earth’s most lovely and nurturing colours.


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