Friday 17th February 2017

An old friend came to visit today and we decided to sit and tune in as we had done many years before. At the beginning of the session my friend mentioned she could see an Indian bonnet above my head with a plume of feathers framing my head and coming down onto my chest. It felt like a special occasion.

Eileen – (In a louder than usual voice). We are most proud for all you have achieved and this has been our destiny to work together once more. We have been allotted a time span to be with you here, and we do believe it is only a matter of time before we shall have greater contact. And the lives of those here shall be very changed for the betterment of all. We rise above the rancour and the scorn in your world, we rise up into that Light most beauteous, and we give thanks for those like you, who give your time to develop the senses and to walk among us in Love and harmony. We offer succour to the weak and the helpless, we ask for nourishment of their souls and an understanding that we come in all honesty to help those less fortunate upon the Earth plane.

We register the indecision among many of you, not knowing which way to turn, but we say unto you look straight ahead, do not swerve from your goal of everlasting Peace and upliftment of mankind. We have suffered many slings and arrows of misfortune in the past, in those lives we lived with you and yours. We come now armed with a brand of courage, unsurpassed, that will help you to overcome those obstacles placed in your way.

We adjust our frequencies to coincide with those of a higher vibration and we ask you to take stock, to understand the necessity of these frequencies that will help to lift you above the fog of Earth and restore you to your former glory. We shall be there to help and guide you and we know you will look forward to these meetings. We blend with like minds from both our worlds as we meet in the middle. Take heart little ones for the future is not as bleak as some would have you think, there are many working alongside you to change the course of history and to bring about a grand renewal. These energies are stupendous and they will overcome mountainous problems, shedding Light into each nook and cranny, devolving what is no longer needed. You are those bright stars to help this come to fruition in your lifetimes. There is much promise for those who tread this pathway and we give back the Light that is yours by right.

Do not misunderstand the workings of our heart for we come in unison across the horizon, we shall not leave you to fend for yourselves alone. The tapestry of Love grows ever wider and brighter than ever before and these threads of Light envelop the globe, enlightening the many and bringing in that Love and devotion that is necessary for the job ahead. We ask you to bear witness and this is your mission foretold for many centuries past. We open up the wisdom within you and like a guiding beam of Light it shall guide you and give you the strength and courage to move further forward.

Do not listen to those who would bar your way, keep on course, do not be bludgeoned or beaten back by words of discouragement! We rise above the darkness and open our vision for a grander future for mankind. There is no doubt about this, this is fact not the fiction that many would have you believe. We are able to ignite that flame of Love within you and we do this all around your world and there are many sitting just as you are here and now, drawing that Light around them. We link with our Star sisters and brothers and ignite that flame of Love growing brighter and brighter. This is your strength, know this and draw from this in your meditations, delve deeper and deeper and all shall be revealed. We unlock the Light and set it free.
Peace be with you sweet cherubim of Light. We acknowledge your journey and your service to others. Rejoice and light up the sky. Praise be to God!

My friend could hear the song ‘Light up, Light up’.

We light the souls of many across the universe and we join forces.

In this second half, a different energy approached and my voice came through in a higher, slightly monotone pitch.

We bring you our blessings. We have been many times before and we give thanks for this association, it gives us great pleasure to be here with you now. We are those beings of Light that travel your universe in search of those who need our assistance. We beam you aboard in times of sleep to help you overcome the anomalies on the Earth plane and to give you shelter, to rejuvenate your bodies and to help you assimilate the new energies being broadcast to your world. This we do with great reverence. We are preparing the way for others to follow. We adjust your settings and help you make contact, in this way we can beam you aboard more often. You need to escape the deeper darker, energies of Earth and be lifted into the higher energies of Light. This is no easy matter!

You are very dear to us, sweet gentle sister. We process your thoughts and feelings and ask you to draw closer in moments of stress. Do not give up your mission but seek that fulfilment that is a heartbeat away. Open your mind to accept us for we are your family of Light and you will know this deep within you.
Tears were trickling down my face and I didn’t want to leave the energy of these beings and come back to the room. Before they started to speak I had a vision of the Teletubby’s from the children’s programme. Perhaps this was a clue to the tone of their voice.

For more messages from Sitting Bull and Star friends on my special journey into the unknown, click on the link below.


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