Angels of Light brought to bear witness to mankind ~ Eileen Zizecli- Coleman and Lesley Ball ~ TRANCE SESSION (6)


19th October 2016
TRANCE SESSION (6) Eileen Coleman and Lesley Ball
Eileen’s face is beginning to change with a thickening of the neck and a male energy joining her. You are welcome!
There has been collateral damage in most western states of America.
(Looking up later it equates to unintended damage to civilian life or property during a military operation).
Can you define that?
We see an abolishment of heinous ways of the past and we hope we can connect with more of you to enable this to happen. There is a vast network of services right across your globe and we attend to those who work with us to adjust their frequencies, and to help them grow in the Light of our Great Saviour, Jesus Christ.
Eileen was hesitant in speaking the name of Jesus in this way but they continued.
Jesus Christ has indeed walked these lands before in previous incarnations.
That’s good to hear!
We nurture the Light within you all, the Light of Love.
There is energy all around Eileen at the moment, a lot of energy.
We shine Light on troubled areas of your past history and this has been most welcome. We draw from our resources and redefine what is necessary to help mankind make the adjustments that are needed for you all to take that next step forwards. We depend on one another to do this and to do it to the best of our ability, we hearken to the call within our breast and take that next step. We open the gateways and let you through, one by one in a long procession, riding those waves of frequency that allow us to help you. And we do come bearing those gifts given to those special few who help us in our initiatives. It is of paramount importance to understand why we do these things.
We are a charmed culture shadowing you from dawn to dusk, opening up new possibilities and screening you for viruses, harmful bacteria that could cause you problems! We eradicate these from your systems and set you on course so that you will not be troubled by those ailments that often attack your population on Earth. These are just a few of the things we are able to do for you at this moment in your time and we come forward to help you, our loved ones, our darlings, our Angels of mercy, you are all these and more, so much more!
We venture forth at your side ready to take the pickings of a desecrated society to help them adjust and to monitor and promote further growth, this will become more commonplace in your world, and this shall be seen to be done in many aspects of your daily lives on Earth. We transport you to a time frame of considerable worth and we allow this to sink in as we adjust your settings, enabling you to honour your connections with those who draw close to help you. This bombardment of energy is common place in our world and we do believe you have helped us many times before on different planets and universes on a much wider spectrum. These are thought provoking statements and we register the hesitancy within your breast as you adjust and speak our words, this is understandable but we see you resist and ask that you settle back and allow us to come closer.
May we ask who is speaking these words?
We areand his trials and tribulations, we are fine energy, we radiate Light and circumference your world, bringing in the energy necessary to make changes. And these changes are forthcoming, allowing you to lighten your step and to adjust your frequencies to an even higher vibration than they are at this present moment. And as you gear up a level we help you adjust, making way for the next push up to even higher levels, and this we are achieving very well with your help and assistance. We have made changes to this sitter’s frequencies already and she is in a greater state of Peacefulness, ready to make those exchanges with those who draw near to help her.
Eileen’s face has changed again; I do feel she is ready to speak!
This may have been the point where Eileen heard the beginning of the song ‘Get ready here I come’, bringing in their sense of humour and encouragement.
GET READY HERE I COME! – by The Four Tops.
I never met a girl who makes me feel the way that you do
You’re alright
Whenever I’m asked who makes my dreams real, I say that you do
You’re outta sight
So fee fi, fo fum Look out baby, ’cause here I come
And I’m bringing you a love that’s true
So get ready, so get ready
I’m gonna try to make you love me too
So get ready, so get ready, ’cause here I come!
There are definitely changes taking place especially around the chin area and the neck. When Eileen spoke it was in a lower, slightly husky voice.
We allow you to participate with us my dear, tune into those energies, we shall have a three-way conversation!
Are you one of Eileen’s guides? Have the three of us been together in a past life?
Eileen held her left fist to her heart emotionally!
What is it you feel within your breast?
I feel it, I feel I know you!
We know this means a great deal to the Warrior Spirit between you both and we have indeed walked this path before on many occasions.

I understand!
You were with us beside the fire as we told our stories, and you listened and learnt and loved and we were so proud of you!
Eileen was urging them to be more explicit!
Wives and children sadly missed, brought back to us in human form.
Were we the wives?
Eileen’s communicator became very emotional here.
I understand, I understand, I do understand! But we can go forth and do this work?
We have a bond, strong and true that can never be broken and we will go forward and change the course of history!
That would be wonderful!
Mankind shall rise up from the dark, stagnant layers of this world into the finer, lighter realms of Love and we prepare a place for you to sit, and the council waits for that day where we can hold you to us once more! The hoop shall not be broken, we shall overcome. In the past we have been brave but there is more to come, more to face with strength and Love and fortitude for the days ahead and we know you will do justice to all that is given and we know you lay down your hearts for us as you did long ago! You were so precious to us both of you, such dear hearts.
There was more shedding of tears here.
We have learnt much from those days, our peoples were broken, brokenhearted and downtrodden, all but wiped out, but there are still those who carry the Light of the Great White Spirit within their breast, and we give thanks for this!
Eileen held her hands high in the air at this point.
The rainbow awaits us, we are the ‘Rainbow Warriors’ and we bear you aloft, registering the desire for Peace in many hearts in this land and we are feeling a ‘Peace Treaty’ that shall not be broken!
As I’m typing this I can see Sitting Bull in his headdress.
The children that were lost have been born again and they shall rise up and be absolved from all past deeds that may encumbrance their minds. The slate has been wiped clean, there is no need to hang your heads in shame anymore. What has gone before, is gone, there is only the future, the Light and the Love of a golden dawn and brighter tomorrow for everyone, for every living thing upon this planet. And as you go forward so do many others, it is like a domino effect, all will be touched by the Light, all will be brought into that Light of truth and understanding. It is not as hopeless as many of you think!
Thank you for those uplifting words!
A line has been drawn.
Eileen could see a multitude of people being gently parted, half to the left and half to the right, opening up a pathway clear of obstacles.
We open the pathway, we smooth out the pathway for you to tread, and you shall not fall or stumble and no one shall harm you ever again! You are touched by the Great Divine’s blessing and that Light is around you constantly, know that! Thank you.
Peace be with you dear ones!

Eileen’s other site We Come As One Voice


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