White Cloud and Sitting Bull draw close ~ Eileen Zizecli – Coleman & Lesley Ball ( We 2 ladies # 5)

ascensionMay the Love of God and the harmony of Angels be with you now and forever more. Amen.

11th October 2016 – 

Tonight there are just two of us. But it was such an emotional session, the energy in the room was intense and sparkling with Light.

It was my friend Lesley’s turn to sit first and there was a soft haze around her head, she sat upright and straight backed and seemed to be getting taller in stature. Her face turned upwards and she looked very serene. It seemed as if her eyes were open at times and her lips were moving as if she needed to speak. There was a thickening of her neck and Eileen could see a flash of White Cloud’s face.

(Hello friend, thank you for coming)!

We come as one, we honour you. You are a part of the Great White Spirit. Your energy is of Love, Love is innately within you, you have much work to do my child! Your doorway is being opened to the higher realms of the universe, you will see wondrous things, things not of this world. You are aware of this of which I speak? (Yes!))

You are in parallel universes, you are taken on journeys, journeys of the mind to different realms, this is a part of your work You will see ‘beings’ not of this world, do not be dismayed you are protected and guarded at all times. You are an ‘old’ soul, you have walked the world many times, you are that servant of God the Great White Spirit of whom you know well. You are attached to the Light like illumined rays of golden threads. You will receive information that will be downloaded in the future, words will be spoken from the Spirit of the Divine Light.

(Thank you, it means so much to hear you say that)!

Your heart beats as one with us, you are in tune with us, there will be tears of joy to behold.

(Lesley narrated what she could see).

I see some white lights surrounding you, the unity of Spirit are holding you at all times. I see your dream patterns when they take you on your journeys. This I know is when the Spirit works within your body, you have no form, you are Spirit!

(I send my Love to you).

Within my mind I’m having messengers of the collective. You must feel the energy coming your way, you must feel this. (Yes I do).

You are aware more of your subtle energies around you, there’s been a change, it’s in waves! (Eileen answered tearfully yes)

You are aware when you sit with Sitting Bull, you are aware. (Yes).

I know, I know, there’s a great Love, he’s speaking in his tongue in my head. You must feel that you have spent time with him in a past life, you must feel it!  That is what he is making me feel here, that he was with you, with you!

(Is that Sitting Bull or White Cloud)?

But they are so different, so, so different, they think differently. I feel Sitting Bull is more serious, White Cloud has a lighter feel, a different energy.

Lesley said she had White Cloud to her left and Sitting Bull to her right and Sitting Bull came in more strongly tonight, drawing Lesley’s attention to his heart.

(I was drawn to Lesley’s hands and it looked as if she was holding a Peace Pipe).

Lesley could see Sitting Bull with white paint on his forehead and was shown a massacre of the Indian population with women and children running for their lives. Unhappy about this she asked them to step back as she didn’t understand why this was being shown.

Afterwards Eileen explained that the very first time she had been contacted by Sitting Bull in the 90’s he had told her the Battle of Wounded Knee was never meant to be.

Lesley was also told that Eileen has seen Light beings and Eileen confirmed that she had seen them leaning over her in bed and they looked transparent.


(After a short break Eileen sat net for communication and Lesley could see a haze of activity over her head. There is a blending taking place. Lesley felt it was White Cloud coming through first and in a strong voice he spoke).

Many moons ago we walked this Earth together. It brings us much joy to be here among you on the earth plane once more. We tend to our offspring, and let it be said, here and now, that we walk this path together as one, AS ONE VOICE and WE SHALL BE HEARD! Men will listen, and we are here to broadcast this message that Love will conquer over fear and hatred. And we belong to a different time frame, where these things have passed away, it brings us so much heartache to see you suffer so and there is no need, none at all!

We have conquered over those mistakes you have made in your past and we bring to the surface all that is stored and hidden, bringing it up and out for you to see more clearly and for us to show you the way.  We know it pleases you to do this and together, once more, we shall walk that pathway of Love, Joy and Hope for the masses. And we have reached an agreement on all sides that this shall be available, we bring to mankind choices to be lifted up into a new dimension of time and space, where Love is paramount, where there is no fear, there is no hatred, there is only Love and deepest bliss.

To some this may seem like Heaven and so it is, but to others this is not how they wish to see their world! They are still entrenched in earthly things where money and a fast buck is all that they wish for, all they desire, with a burning greed that leads them on for more and more and more! And the little ones suffer and no one cares enough to make the changes that are needed, we do our best to guide you and show you the error of your ways, for we have walked this pathway before and we know the outcome and it is not a pretty sight!

We have arranged to pick up the pieces and lead you on to other lands where you can make a fresh new start and this we have promised you from day one. And you have hearkened to the call and registered our appeal for the human race, but this was not always the way, you too have suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune and been brought to your knees in the mire, begging for mercy. And mercy was given as we held out a hand and lifted you up, and this is our way, we reinstate you in a world of Love and Joy and ask that you follow us to the ends of the Earth and beyond, where that rainbow awaits.

There are those that will listen to our words and follow us and they too shall find that land of Hope and Glory, and we say to those who cannot listen, do not despair, we will help and guide you all, no-one need be left behind, all are welcome, all are given shelter and all are loved! We believe this will come to fruition in your lifetimes!

(There was a crack in the room for confirmation)!

And we know this means a great deal to you and those around you who work with us. This shall be an exciting time for us all for we will be given the chance to address the masses, and they will see us with their own eyes, and they will hear us and they will believe and be reborn!

(To Lesley with arms outstretched).

We are indebted to your services my sister, our daughter of Light and Love, you are most welcome to this cause and we envelop you in our Love and protect you and guard you and keep you safe, and there shall be an understanding between us that you will register in your heart as being just and true, and there will be no fear, no chastisement for we belong together as we have always done. And the circle of Love grows wider and wider, honouring our brothers and sisters that work to make this world a better place for everyone, and this shall be so!

We welcome you, we welcome you, we welcome you, and touch you with our Love, for you are most precious to us and always have been. Know that you are blessed and held in the highest respect and courtesy, for you shall shine like the brightest star and we give you this guidance, enveloping you in a cloak of safety and Love Divine. We cherish you and uplift you and keep you safe. Be at Peace my little one, be at Peace.

(Lesley felt an older soul was trying to get through with definite changes to Eileen’s face. Your so welcome here today)!

We make our presence felt with some difficulty.

(That’s O.K. just keep trying, we understand you have to blend with the instrument here tonight. You’re doing very well. In a deeper voice the energy spoke).

Thank you my dear. We are making a little headway now.

(I can see that; I feel your presence! Take your time, there is plenty of time, you are doing so well).

It is better, it feels like coming out of a cocoon!

(Eileen had literally felt as if she was trying to break through a rubbery coating and was very emotional with tears running down her face).

(You have waited a long time have you? Eileen nodded deeply).

We are overcome with tears of joy! (I feel it; I feel it)!

(We are honoured with your presence here tonight; are you a guide of Eileen’s)?

We are here to help her, to coax her into submission. (Yes I understand that).

There has been a release, a breakthrough of sorts and we thank you dear friend for your help and advice and your presence, which means so much. (I am honoured).

It is we who are honoured with your presence, more than you could ever know. (Thank you).

We are Light beings that dance in the oceans amongst those waves, we dance our way into your hearts and spread the news that we are here! We bring that lightness into your step upon this path, this precious pathway that leads us onwards and homewards. Do not despair for we are reaching or nearing the end of our pathway to Heaven and the Stars. We do not mean in your physicality; we mean your endurance on this pathway of Light is coming to fruition. We prepare a pathway for you to follow and as you venture forth, others will follow you and the multitudes shall come and gain sustenance and life among the stars shall be yours. But we depend on one another to spread this Light of Love and Joy and Bliss, and you shall feel it within your hearts and minds.

We bring you sweet blessings from those above, from those that work with us constantly, who are always with us and always will be so. And we bring this Love from the Great Divine, the great I AM presence, and we devote our time and energy into propelling you into those realms of Light, where we watch and wait for you and those like you who hearken to the call within their breast, showering the population of Earth in that loving glow. And rest assured, we will be there with you always, urging you on, urging not to lose faith for all is well, all is as it should be and will be!

We thank you for these evenings, we thank you for the time that you give to us and we ask you to be more careful in your dealings with those around you. Keep your heart safe, do not be put out or put off, keep that mantle of Light around you and all will be well. We thank you and bless you! And may the Love of God and the harmony of Angels be with you now and forever more. Amen.

Somewhere near the end of proceedings Eileen could hear the hymn: –

Love Divine all Love excelling, Love from Heaven to Earth brought down and immediately after this was followed by Robbie Williams song – SHE’S THE ONE.

I was her she was me
We were one we were free
And if there’s somebody calling me on
She’s the one
If there’s somebody calling me on
She’s the one

We were young we were wrong
We were fine all along
If there’s somebody calling me on
She’s the one

When you get to where you want to go
And you know the things you want to know
You’re smiling
When you said what you want to say
And you know the way you want to play, yeah
You’ll be so high you’ll be flying

Though the sea will be strong
I know we’ll carry on
’cause if there’s somebody calling me on
She’s the one
If there’s somebody calling me on
She’s the one.

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