We Three Ladies Meet Again (4th Trance session) ~ Eileen Zizecli – Coleman

4th October 2016 –  We Three Ladies Meet Again (4th Trance session)

Before we start today, we would like to say a few words to you both. We are most honoured with your presence and to those attributes you bring to these sessions!

As Eileen went deeper into meditation the girls could see many different faces coming in. Looking with a lazy gaze, they could see a definite dimple in her chin at one point and her hair looked longer. Eventually an Indian sqauw came forward and as the energy spoke Eileen was being shown a young man wearing a tricorn hat, standing on a rock and looking through a telescope. Typing these words jerked a memory Eileen had of a previous incarnation where she had fell in Love like Pocahontas and been jilted by her Love who never returned!

How deep is your Love? As deep as the oceans . . . as clear as a cool mountain stream! We are mesmerised by the conditions on Earth at this time and we do believe the adjustments we are making to your energy fields will encompass a larger area. We develop your expertise in coming forward and we adjust your settings to allow you to do this.

We set sail for the high seas riding the crest of a wave, reaching great heights then crashing down to rise up again with each tumultuous wave, riding the currents. It is the same with energy fields, there are many ups and downs until we can smooth out the levels to peaceful transactions where all is on an even keel.  We bring our Love to help you in this endeavour, to turn you about to sail those seas of excellence bar none.

There are so many possibilities, so many avenues to be taken and we help you to know which of these will be more beneficial to each of you. There are ports in the storm where you can rest and lick your wounds and heal yourselves, and we shall be there with you to help you to do this, for it is not until you are truly healed that you will be able to fly!

We accept you have done very well up unto this point in time and we shall shepherd you further, helping you adjust to these frequencies as we spin around you a yarn of golden light, like the spiders web, joining you together as one. And your hearts shall beat in unison and we are so proud of you for what you have achieved. We know you are all capable of so much more, so much more to feel and experience and that glowing Light shall encumbrance your frame, spreading far and wide, touching those around you with Light and wisdom, for we shall share with you so that you may pass on to others.

And this is what it is all about my friends, this is what we are hoping to impress upon you, to carry the lantern, to carry the torch, the burning torch of hope to the thousands and millions who are in torment, who cannot face another day in this world of doom and gloom! But it needn’t be like this for we have chosen those among you who can help with this pandemic of apathy and deep seated sadness.

Please be up for the challenge, express yourselves more keenly, open the hearts of the many. Spread the news that we are here among you, waiting to help you to pick up the pieces so that you may begin again in a new time frame of immeasurable bliss. You are well on your way already, we know this, keep yourselves buoyant, keep that Love in your hearts shining brightly for all to see and rest when your body needs to rest . . . rest! It is amazing how just a few hours’ sleep can help your energy field, listen, listen to what your bodies need! We are overcome with Love for you my dears, for you have done so very well!

We now attend to services that need some adjustment, so we will settle back and allow a regrouping of energies. Hold onto your hats as we take you on a journey!

A man with what looked like a white moustache came forward.

Well, we would like to say, what an honour and a blessing it is to be here with you this evening.

And for us to be with you!

It is a taking a long time for our sitter to correspond with what we are aiming for; we would like her to open her eyes!  She did!

Yes, and shut them again pretty quickly, she is frightened her own mind will come in if she can see you!  O.K. I understand!

But we would like to see you! It will come, it is a matter of practice to make perfect. Time is of the essence, there is much to do in your world, so much to do! We shall spread our messages far and wide and open up the hearts of mankind so that they may feel that Love escaping, the Love that is there, that has been there all along if only they would stop and listen and go within.

We have broadcast this many times to your nations to no avail! We know there are many who do heed our, words, however, and we pray for this to be more commonplace among your peoples. There is no need to suffer, there is no need for war, as our sister has said to you already, but we will always talk about this. War has become commonplace and for as long as there is war upon your Earth, we will not desist from these messages of Love and hope for a different future for you all!

There is a well of knowledge within you, within each and every one of you that needs to be tapped into and brought forth, this well of knowledge crosses all boundaries, it cannot be broken into. It is stored within you to be accessed and opened by yourselves to bring this forth and sift through the knowledge there and see what you shall see. For boundless centuries past man has warred, it breaks our heart to see such senselessness, such senseless killing of their own flesh and blood, it is a nonsense – how can you be so cruel to one another. You are brethren, you are one!

This well of knowledge has a key and we know you are aware of this, this key of course is LOVE and it opens up a wealth of information for you to trigger and access and enter into that stillness and quietness within your heart. Go into this tunnel of pure delight and see the gifts that are waiting for you there, an abundance of Joy and Peace and Love sublime. That is why your mediation group is so important, it helps others to access this point within them, which you can all visit at any time you wish.

We see you attend to your earthly duties and we are around you watching over you, helping wherever we can, and we thank you for listening to us in your quiet moments. Persevere, do not give up, for where there is hope there is a heart that is strong and we register your determination to succeed. We channel the energies necessary to make this work and we depend on you to come together, to come together more often in your hearts and in your homes and in your minds. We will transfer the energy necessary to help you and we do believe you are making great strides already. Do not be despondent or put out that you have not reached that point you have set your sights on, for it will come in due course, we are sure of that. Be patient, be vulnerable, be kind to one another and allow that Love to manifest to the greatest degree, for it is that loving energy that helps us all to succeed in whatever venture we are embarking upon.

Send out those loving energies into the ethers and they will be caught and held and directed to where they are needed, and there are many in your world who need this Love. Every droplet counts, every grain of energy makes a difference, it is amalgamated and used and spread around your world like a canopy of purest Love and protection that will help those in greatest need.  And don’t forget to ask for yourselves my little ones, you are so very important!

We ask you to step back and allow us to feed you with this energy . . . rest and allow us to help you at this time, close your eyes and relax. Feel our Love undulating around you, soothing you and calming your fears. All is well, all is as it should be and we command you to be well within your own bodies and minds.

Eileen held out her hands to the group channelling through healing energy for quite some time.

Let the tears flow so the adjustments may come, you are well loved my dear. This healing process is needed for you at this time!

Feel that lightness and brightness to your step once more, feel the joy filling your hearts, feel the Love bubbling up like a fountain and feel the youthfulness within you. You have all needed this healing experience this evening and we are happy to have helped you.Thank you.

We ask now that you send your thoughts of Love out into the world, and to all those you know who need that healing energy, your friends and loved ones.

Peace be with you, now and forever more!

The healing within the room had been very intense and we directed this now to the whole world.

Kay felt she had gone very deep and needed to bring through some words. We saw an oriental type face with Chinese eyes.  Hello friend.

Hello, we are taking in the lands that have been destroyed, the destruction! We are doing much to move you forward, to move away from these things that man has become. We have done much and yet there is much for us to do! We are privileged and honoured to have people like yourselves joining us, to manifest this land to a place of Peace for there has been much blood lost, far too much blood lost. As the oceans are prone to man’s misdemeanours, as lands are taken away from those whom it was given to, it is time to look within and to bathe within that pool of Peace, to open your hearts, to open your minds and indeed to open your mouths. For it seems to us that man has lost communication, instead of words they use bullets, instead of empathy there is hatred! It is time for man to take each hand and to walk forward together, beating the drums of Peace, for Peace is within you, not without, not within your world or ours. Peace is projected from within and until man finds that Peace within then these wars and destruction will continue! Once again I say, we are doing much but men and women like yourselves are needed to hold our hands and to beat our drums, to find that Peace within and to let it shine to allow others to bathe in a pool of liquidity.  Thank you friend!

Great Spirit we thank you so much for being able to gather together this evening, three friends in this little sanctuary with a multitude of friends from the Spirit side drawing close to help us all. We pray that we will continue together on this pathway of opening up to Spirit and attuning and being healed and guide toward fulfilling our missions on Earth. We thank you for the Love and we thank you for the healing.  Any residual healing energy left in this room we send out to the far corners of the world to be used and utilised by yourselves in Love and thanks Amen.

 * For more of Eileen’s channels on The Federation of Light site please click here 


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