WHITE CLOUD’S CONFIRMATION – Eileen Zizecli – Coleman 8th Nov 2013

chiefdan_george We settle down and adjust our frequencies restoring peace and order.
I’m seeing the face of White Cloud and he is wearing a blue feather hanging down on the right hand side of his head.
We believe in peace and supremacy within the heart and enable this transmission to proceed. All is well; all is as it should be.

Thank you my friend.
We beam you aboard this Lightship of enterprise, freewill and Love Divine.
Thank you friends, thank you White Cloud I can see that it is you now . . . I can see the likeness to Chief Dan George’s face so thank you for helping me to establish who you are. It is wonderful to be able to recognise those who come forward even if they don’t actually give their name, so thank you. I can see the feather bonnet now more clearly and the weathered and yet still handsome face of White Cloud.
We meet at last face to face and we thank you for your purposeful endeavours, always marching forwards even in times of self-doubt, and that is what we wished to bring out in you that strength of purpose, thus enabling us to proceed more carefully and thoughtfully along this highway of Love. And these transmissions shall continue and we shall forego that natural reserve within your soul that hangs back, and we shall push you forward into the limelight and all will be well. There is no need to fear or doubt the promptings of your heart because we come in all magnificence to bring you hope, to bring you Love and joy and this is the criteria with which we bring forth our messages for peace and enlightenment among your nations. And we give thanks for people like you who come forward to offer their services. Be now of good resolve and we shall move forward on that stream of light.
We measure our success in those that come to listen to our words and we give greater clarity and perspective on all that will come to fruition, in the not too distant future may we add.
The promptings of your soul have driven you thus far and we shelter you in the warmth of our embrace, giving you the fortitude to strive ever onwards for completion of our mission. We know you have all suffered great ignominy in your lives on the Earth plane, and we know these instances of betrayal have strengthened you; they have not held you back for you have learned and listened to those words echoing within your mind. This has been a time of even greater fortitude for all of us and we bow down to your requests to enlighten you as to the proceedings in the forthcoming days ahead. This has been an honourable progression . . .

I was suddenly overcome with emotion, hardly able to believe that White Cloud is with me – it is so wonderful. Thank you my friend. I’m reaching forward and holding out my hands to White Cloud and he is squeezing them in his own; he is sitting cross legged in front of me and wearing his bonnet.
We lead you ever onwards to those pastures green, to that stairway to the stars that has given us all the greatest hope of deliverance from those burdens that we have carried for so long. This will be our reward . . . to see you smiling with your hearts, to see you smiling and resting in the truth of all that is. Truth and honesty of spirit, shining forth like the brightest beacon. Sigh. There is nothing like it, nothing can compare with that Love and that purest Light.
White Cloud . . . have you always been with me, you seem very similar to the figure I call Grandfather? I feel as if I’ve come home to see you. Was it you all along, was it you who gave me the silver ring that represented our Love so long ago? There are tears in my eyes as I speak and I can feel White Cloud’s beaming face.
The truth has dawned at last my little one, and yes we have been with you since the beginning of time! We have been with all of you, all those that tread this pathway!
This is why I feel so close to Blossom and Kerrie because we share that connection with you White Cloud; were we sisters from long ago and family?
You are Family of Light and that is all that matters! We Love you all . . . all have a place in our heart! From the lowliest amongst you to those who have strived and reached that golden bridge of Light and we will not give up on any of you!
I’m feeling White Cloud holding his hands out now in a big circle bringing them up open palmed and then round again as if he is holding us all in the palm of his hands, and there is a golden Light, a golden orb of light in his hands and we are all there resting within that protection.
You do justice to what is given with the greatest respect and harmony, and we enfold you all in our loving care, asking you to remember that WE are AWAYS with you.

We watch over you . . . we remember you in our prayers little earthlings, we remember you! We sing out at dawn and dusk, and when the sun goes down we watch over you. We enter your dreams, we enter your heart, we enter those whisperings within your soul, asking you not to lose faith. We are there to give you the assistance that you require, helping you move forward on that stream of Light that shall bring you home once more. And we will be there to welcome you, cheering you on to make that final crossing that will bring you into our arms again.

And as we step over that threshold and into the Light you will be more than compensated for those travels that have weighed you down in the past, and we come to lift you up and to become one with us, your guides and inspirers on the Earth plane, and we will have reached that pinnacle of greatest success that has been dreamed of for so long!
I am asking if the words are correct or if anything needs editing!
All is well, all is as it should be and with the greatest respect from those here . . . the overseers of the overseers!
White Cloud is now taking hold of my hand and kissing the back of it. Oh thank you my friend, I’m so happy, I love you so much!
To read more messages from White Cloud and friends have your own copy with his painting on the front cover . . . just gazing at his face can open your heart.

Who is White Cloud?


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